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Yeah Ive done it - eventually LOL wk2 is now completed . I was hoping to write this blog on Thursday evening but wk2 run3 took a back burner until Saturday morning as we are busy decorating our house room by room. Hubby works nights but bless him he has been doing bits each day and when I got home on thursday I felt guilty for even thinking about going out for a run as he looked knackered :-( My son sometimes comes with me on runs but my 3 yr old daughter cant,so I didnt want to leave him with one chatty hyperactve child. Instead I put my sons new quilt covers on and helped clear the decorating things away and then friday was flat pack building day!!! He said I could go but I could see he was shattered so I waited until saturday morning and at 07.20am I was out, just me,Laura and a lovely sunrise:-) I have to admit it was rather chilly and I wish I had put my running gloves on Brrrrrrrr. Towards then end I was flagging a little but I was determined not to give up and felt so proud of myself when the runs were completed. I find when I leave a few days inbetween runs I do struggle but thats the way it will have to be due to me fitting in my runs around hubby working nights, my work and looking after the kids.

Ive had a little listen to wk3 and read what I have to do - 3 minutes running OMG so heres to Tuesday and wk3..........

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Well done you for getting out when you're so busy with other stuff! Running is addictive, isn't it? and it's so good for a bit of 'me' time! Good luck for the rest of your runs and the decorating!


Congratulations and welcome to Week 3, yummymummy!! You are doing great!! Each week will have it's own challenges, but you are doing it!! Keep Running!


I'm doing w3r1 this evening - I feel your apprehension but if we are going to make it to 30 mins, we have to to keep going eh? Good luck!


Thanks Guys Im out tomorrow night after work (tues) and strangely enough although Im dreading it Im also looking forward to it :-)


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