On WK2 now, Half marathon in Sept - possible?!

Hi all,

I'm after a little bit of advice...

I'm currently on WK2 R2 of the programme, and so far I've been able to complete the runs as per the instructions on the app (although I think my jog is slower than my walk!!)

There's a half marathon in my local area in September this year, and I'm tempted to enter it but am I being a bit over optimistic about my capabilities by that time? From a quick look at the calendar I should finish couch to 5k in first week of July.

Is it possible be able to jog/run a half marathon, 2 or 3 months after finishing C25K?

Any advice appreciated as always :-)



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20 Replies

  • I started C25K in the January (2015) and ran the Great Eastern Run in the October, I think the secret is to take it steady and build up slowly.

  • Thank you for your advice - I'll keep taking it slowly week by week and see how I go :-)

  • I would say that would be pushng it. Quite a bit. I started C25k April 1st and ran a Half in late October I think, but with hindsight would not have done so again. Being too eager to push on to greater distances too quickly is the greatest cause of injury.

    2 months to go from your first 30 minute run to doing 13 miles is not a realistic plan.

    Would strongly advise against.

  • A really helpful response - thanks for your honesty!

  • A big ask.... I would advise no.... a bit too much too soon...there will be other races when you have had time to build up the stamina :)

  • That's a very good point - When I saw it advertised I was tempted as it's so local but you're right - there will be other races. Thank you!

  • Some half marathons have smaller runs during the day. It might be worth having a look to see if your local one does. That way you can go and get a feel of it and then do the HM. Year. I'm coming back from surgery and I've booked my HM for March next year there is nothing stopping you looking at the ones early next year to work towards.

  • Great advice - I'll check out if there is a smaller run on the same day

  • Don't! If you graduate, consolidate! Run steadily, increasing distance by no more than 10% a week. The best thing is to get stronger before attempting fetes of endurance or speed. It takes 18-24 months to build running legs to the point where you are no longer classed a new runner, so some time before that happens

    I did it in 12 months but it cost me 9 months off through injury from doing too much too soon. I was in bloody agony and I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. I thought I had broken my leg!

    The journey from couch to 10k is great 😃 So you have plenty you can be doing once you graduate. Don't be getting ahead of yourself though. There is no short cut to health and fitness. You have to do the work

    . If a job's worth doing ... 🙂

  • ...its worth doing properly! Totally agree :-) Thanks!

  • 10k in September would be more reasonable. I know a lot of our local runs would have 10k and half marathon on at the same time while the roads are under management orders. Maybe there is a local 10k on at the same time you can do. I am sure there is, when you start looking into them there are races on all the time.

  • Thanks - will look into it!

  • I'd also say 10k maximum. Certainly if you want to run it. If you're used to walking I think it's perfectly possible to walk 21 km, but there's no way I could have run it a couple of months after graduation - and I'd probably be pushed now over a year later!

  • Thank you

  • Why not join your local Parkrun (5k on a Saturday morning). Lots of encouragement and friendly atmosphere. Loads of people do it as a walk/run like our programme.

  • Thanks, I'll look into this

  • Of course it depends entirely on your physical condition, age and how well your body takes to running. I remember one C25K graduate doing a marathon within her first year of running, but you might be wiser to set your sights a bit lower.

    The recent Mind over Marathon documentary showed what is possible with supervision by experienced trainers, but if you are out on your own, it is a big ask. Training, even for a HM is quite demanding and I find following training regimes takes all of the fun out of running. As others have said, consolidation and ingraining the habit are more important straight after graduation and you certainly don't want to take the gloss off the pastime by the tyranny of a heavy training plan, during which you are at much higher risk of injury, as a new runner.

    How about a 10k? That is much more realistic, in my view and will let you build up gradually.

  • Thanks for such a detailed response - it seems the consensus is that 10k would be much more suitable :-)

  • I started running in March 2010 ,-was actually a couch potato then , quite unfit . I built up slowly , ran a 5 k race for life in june , 10k race by the October and then didnt do the half marathon until the following October . I found the half marathon.training a big commitment , not planning to do it again , happy just to build up to a 10k maximum so I think definitely would be too soon for you to tackle a half marathon

  • It's great to hear your story of building up through different race lengths. Thanks for your honesty and taking the time to reply!

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