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Newbie in wk2

Gah, did a long post and just lost it (need to figure out the system) so here goes again:

Due to do run 2 of week 2 tomorrow morning. Early days but surprised how much I'm enjoying it so far. Feel a real sense of achievement when I get home.

I'm finding it challenging but doable. I walk a fair bit, at least in the working week, so I think my base fitness level wasn't too bad. I've completed all the runs so far without too much trouble bar the odd mental gremlin and I've been surprised that my breathing is holding up - I get out of breath but in a good way if that makes sense. No heart hammering in chest, gasping for air, omg I must stop!! I'm also recovering pretty quickly too, which I'm taking as a good sign. My main challenge has been tightness in my calves and feet and a certain heaviness in the legs. Weirdly, it can feel worse in the walking intervals than in the runs.

I started on the podcasts, but switched to the app when I realised I could use my own music. I do need to get myself some more running appropriate tracks. Maybe I'll do the odd podcast run just to mix it up.

I run outside. Not worrying about speed at this stage, but I'm covering around two miles in the time it takes for the session to play. I haven't worked out what that means for my speed. I'm focused on building up stamina at the moment.

Anyway, could be the honeymoon phase, but so far feeling v positive and committed. Hope it lasts! Lurking here and reading some graduates' blogs has been very inspiring.

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Good for you! Sounds like you've got off to a flying start 😊 I'm used to hill walking but my legs still feel heavy, I think we're just using different muscles. Keep at it!


Thanks for the encouragement, Pam!


It is an amazing programme and it sounds like you're doing really well. Keep at it and let us know how you progress. Good luck - you can do it 😀


Thanks again! What a lovely and supportive forum. Will definitely let you know how I get on.

I don't want to oversell myself. I am a real running novice and very overweight, so this is a challenge for me. I'm just surprised that I'm feeling determined and not defeated. I tried the programme a few years back with my husband (who is an experienced runner) acting as Laura but got frustrated and didn't get beyond week 1. I think it suits me better to work through on my own. Before I began, I invested in some Bluetooth headphones 😍 I love them! So much freedom. It's like I'm not even wearing them.


Me too! I've just started and have exactly the same thoughts as you - feeling positive and not defeated. I've spent my whole life saying 'I'm just not a runner' and have only come round to the fact that I might be able to be. I'm overweight but I'm building up strength and balance with dynamic yoga alongside this programme so I really hope I can start feeling better about myself.

Another thing I've really appreciated is the 'This girl can' campaign. A lot of us worry about how we look when we're running. I certainly feel paranoid what people think when they see a new overweight runner having to slow down to a walk etc. It sounds ridiculous when you say it out loud but it really has stopped me from doing this for a long time. It's time to embrace night time runs in quiet spots with Laura egging me on. I really feel like this is something I can do rather than something other people can do.


Thanks, hannah. I hope if you’re running in quiet spots at night you’re keeping safe.

To be honest, I don’t much care what I look like. I go out early in the morning and it’s been cold so I wear a bright pink fleece and a bobble hat and probably look ridiculous, but whatever. There aren’t many people around at that time in any case. Last week, I ran (or rather plodded) past a very fit looking, lycra-clad young man running in the other direction. He gave me a bit of a quizzical look - I don't think he regarded me as worthy of entering the fellowship of runners just yet! It was quite funny. My biggest problem, is my inherent laziness.

Anyway, Wk 2 Run 2 finished. Hm. Not too bad. I felt it a bit more this morning, but I also found Run 2 of Wk 1 tougher than Run 1 (whereas Run 3 was a relative breeze). The 90 seconds certainly feel a lot longer than the 60 seconds, but I find I can keep going okay. I’m sure it’s the psychological fillip of knowing I’m almost done, but I got a boost in my final 90 sec run of the 6, and felt strong and confident. Legs really sore as soon as I stopped though, so I paused the programme and stretched out for a minute, which really helped, then walked home.

Feeling fine now. Just have tired legs. They’ve walked another couple of miles as well. I can’t quite believe I’m a person who gets up early and goes for a run before work. But I am. There’s no way I could do evening runs though.

Best of luck to all Wk 2 runners!


Thanks for your concern :D Until the clocks go forward (can't wait!) I'm running with street lamps just up and down my main village road. Quiet but I don't feel unsafe at all. I admire your early rises - not for me! I do find that if I set my kit out the night before and get changed straight from work, I'm very up for it. I know the problem will be when I sit down at home to do something else and then don't fancy it so I try and avoid getting to that stage! I think a big stretch helps massively too. And it gets in your head - if your legs feel heavy for lack of stretching, my mind thinks it's harder. The biggest battles are definitely in my head but I'm feeling good so far! The test will be when the novelty starts to wear off...


Oh well, I'm in the badlands of south London, so feel much safer in the daylight. I don't get back from work till gone 7 o'clock, and there's no way I want to leave the house again, so mornings are my only option. Like you, I find if I get my running things ready the night before, I can just pull them on first thing and head out the door before I get the chance to think about it too much and talk myself out of going. Then it's done for the day. On Sunday I did the run with my husband and we didn't get out till early afternoon (had friends round the previous night and were a teensy bit hungover 😏) but I was antsy till it was done. I didn't want it hanging over me all day.

Anyway, sounds like we're having very similar experiences. I will definitely try more stretching next time as aching, heavy legs is my biggest problem, and you're right that it makes the mental challenge that much tougher. Let me know how you get on!


W2r3 for me tomorrow.. finding it tough but managing... .. biggest problem has been the aching when the run is over I only just seem to recover in time for the next run after rest day.. but won't give in and hope it gets better when my legs get stronger? :)


Will have to kill this thread that's me done with week 2!!

I was a bit worried about it as I'd not been out since Tuesday morning. A perfect storm of Other Stuff meant I couldn't do my usual Friday morning run, so I decided to sit one out, then I don't have to disrupt my routine. I'm 1 run behind where I should be but I guess that doesn't matter.

Despite the four-day rest I was fine. A little heavy legged around the run 4/5 mark but I always felt I could keep going for longer, and the 90 seconds don't feel interminable anymore. Probably the best of the three. Onwards and upwards...


Oh, and no problem running in specs 🤓


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