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Tesco Run!

Daughter hosting a Macmillan charity coffee morning today so we were both up early baking and preparing. When it looked as if the supply of goodies would run out (fantastic response, partly because my daughter allowed people to buy the rest of the cake they had sampled!) I offered to make a run to buy more baking ingredients. Unfortunately our nearest supermarket is a mile away (don't you just out-of-town shopping developments!) and the bike was locked in the garage and key was with husband who was making himself scarce today, so the run was exactly that!

If I hadn't been so out of breath, I would have laughed to think of 30-something daughter and friends eating sitting on the sofa eating cakes while 60+ mother was making the supermarket run!

Walked back from supermarket because the rucksack was full of flour and sugar, and didn't cover 5k but a productive run nevertheless and raised lots of money for Macmillan!

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Good work ..


awesome - be very proud of yourself xx


fab, well done. A really worthwhile cause too, they are amazing


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