The path was very muddy and I was heading towards Tesco's, running in my clobber and pushing a supermarket trolley. I was passing people who looked on with amusement at this lycra clad lunatic and I was very aware that I shouldn't go too fast, because I didn't want to tire myself out having not run for four weeks. I felt GREAT though - really good. The air swished through my lungs and I felt on top of the world.....

.......then I turned over. A tickle akin to a bee stinging the back of my throat woke me up with a jolt. I started coughing (as I have been doing for a month now) and the reality of my dream run suddenly hit home - because it was JUST THAT. A bloody dream!

It's the closest I've come to a run lately and I still miss it terribly. I've even taken to looking on with envy at folk who run along the streets, decked out in brightly coloured clothing. Sorry to whinge, but I just felt the need to "vent".

That feels a whole lot better actually!

Can't wait to get back to where I once belonged, but in the meantime I'm on drugs. Proper drugs too. Like the ones doctors prescribe and also the ones you can buy at Boots. If they don't fix me - I dunno what to do!!

Happy running, you lucky *******s!! I'm coming after you just as soon as I can......

Yer pal



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  • aah Dan! :( get well soon , we miss your running posts. Won't be long now with all those proper drugs kicking in and mrs Dan's cooking to make you feel 100% ...........


    ps its proper windy out there not great running weather! i was out last night, nearly got blown away! :X

  • Thanks Ali. Wasn't it windy today? Whew!

  • Oh Dan - this virus is really the pits! - but it will pass and you will come back just as strong. I shouldn't bother with the Tesco trolley though!

  • Haha! Thanks Ur.

  • Dan, it's probably as well you weren't really going for a run with a shopping trolley, or that the path to Tescos was muddy..... hope you get well soon, those paths along the Thames are beckoning.

  • I know. I cannee wait to git oot thirr again! (don't know what the Scottish accent was for there...but there you go.!)

  • I wonder what the deep symbolic meaning attached to the shopping trolley is.

    Get well soon Dan.

  • Thanks Dunder. Still haven't had a chance to dance with Greta Garmin!

  • Ooh that's deep.....I wonder what Freud would have made of that. Sorry you aren't feeling tickety boo atm and hope the drugs work soon.

  • they'd better!

  • Hello Dan, sorry to hear you're still in the wars, get well soon mate!

  • It's the WORST! Thanks for the good wishes.

  • Sounds like the type of wierdo dream I'd have!!

    Get better soon but take care of yourself doing it. 😊

  • A fellow weirdo! Hooray!

  • Oh Dan the Man, this is such a shame for you, you will return though....

    You will rise from the snotty tissues and the gunk like a Phoenix , better and stronger.

    I have weird dreams, I dreamt that Barrack Obama was living in my spare room which is really bizarre as I live in a one-bedroomed flat ha ha :-)

    Chin up mate ! :-) xxxx

  • Now a weird dream...!!!

    Thanks PP.

  • Oh poor you, I can't believe its been 4 weeks with no running for you :-( I really hope them drugs work soon and you are back pounding the ground. Missing your running posts x ;-)

  • It's feckin' shoite! Thanks n-e. I've never had anything last this long before...

  • As I started to read - I so hoped it wasn't a dream!!

    Do hope you are better soon. Linda

  • Thanks Linda.

  • Get well soon. I need some hill running inspiration :)

  • Hahaa!! I will. Thank you.

  • Ah Dan - NIGHTMARE!!

    You poor sausage, going all that time without running - pure torture (remember back to the days when you'd think someone was a bit soft in the head for saying something crazy like that!).

    Hope you're soon out and about living your dreams.. well minus the trolley perhaps..

    Take care :) xx

  • Thanks Angel of Pink. This forum is good therapy.

  • Ah Dan, missed your posts. But you know you're hallucinating now.....hurry up and get well soon!!

  • I'm mainlining cough syrup and snorting antibiotics. I'm not hallucinating at all...hang on.......what's that big giraffe doing in my bedroom??? AAAGHHHHHHHHh!!!!

  • Ey up Pinky!

    Soz to hear you're not well Dan. Keep taking the tablets. Hopefully you'll be back to running real soon

  • Why thank you MW. I can't bloody wait to get back running. At this rate, I'll be back to Week 1!!

  • Nah, you won't. stay positive!

  • Me think the shopping trolley was to go and buy loads of lovely new running gear to make you fly when you are fit to run again!

    Best of luck.

  • Dreams are amazing...until we wake up!! I bet that run didn't feel at all hard?!! You poor thing...get better soon, take some Berrocca and get back running as soon as you are able...take care :)

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