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running on empty after school run !!!

hi i usually get up and run on empty early morning but today as both my little ones at school and playschool decided to drop off and run at 9am !

well it was the hardest run ever and i stopped and walked about three times !!

so my question is was this hard because today i had been up over two hours with no food then tried to run .So i was wondering what you morning runners do for eating as dont want to make myself sick by eating but would love to at least get round half a hour without stopping.

Or is it just mind over matter and i should still be able to run before eating at 9ish

kate x

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I've done 2 9am parkruns on empty and done well, but tried the same at Edinburgh (9.30 start) and died with 1km to go, it's amazing how 30 mins can make a difference.

You should be able to run an hour after breakfast, maybe less (depending on what you eat), try it and see how it goes.


Thanks will have to fit breakfast in and try again x


Could you maybe have something light - maybe a banana at least to give you some energy?

Also I believe some people take dates or glucose tablets to give you a quick energy boost during a run.

But yeah, in future maybe try and eat at 7am to give you fuel to get through the run.


Good idea about bananas thanks x


HI Kate - I did the same a few weeks ago - dropped my little one off at nursery and then ran before going back home to work at home for the day. It was horrible! I think probably because I'd been running around and organising us both and then felt pressured to run and just get it done so I could get back in time for work. I haven't tried it since (!) but do find that even on early morning runs, a couple of bites of banana make all the difference (and a drink of water).


Hi sorry it happened to you too def bananas are the way will give it a go when I feel brave again x kate


Half a banana and a glass of water before heading out for a 5k run. A whole banana and a slightly larger glass of water for a 10k.




I used to run empty tummy when I used do to C25K and I was knackered when I returned. I am not sure whether it was due to lack of food or lack of energy. I used to have an egg sandwich after the run!

I rarely run in the morning nowadays because I run after work (after returning home after work) but when I do run in the morning over weekends or when I do a Park Run, I get up early and have Porridge and Raisings an hour before running. I also drink a glad of water either while, before or after having my porridge. (I also go to the loo several times within the next hour and just before going out for the run)

Then recently I read somewhere it is better to go for a run empty tummy and have something afterwards, but not sure how good this is.

Yes, Banana does help. I eat a Banana before I leave work on the days I run, so I am not too hungry when I run. Someone suggested Yoghurt as well, and Apricots to get an energy boost, maybe an energy drink with a Banana also will help, but have these about an hour before so it will not make you feel sick.

Good luck to you for your runs!!!


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