W6R2 - Farewell intervals

A few weeks ago (even less than that) I always welcomed the walking breaks but now I'm looking forward to getting rid of them. As remarkable as it seems I can only conclude that this program works so well that it's changed me.

I wasn't the most enthusiastic this morning but I got out and got going. A dry day and a good run, not too hard, not too easy and I had a quick recovery between the runs.

Fairly uneventful really, we'll see how Sunday goes when I get my wish for an unbroken 25 minutes. Mmmm, when I say it like that it sounds hard.

5 Replies

  • Well done Chewy!!

  • Well done Chewy!!

  • Congratulations, you'll love it without the intervals and listen until the end of the podcast. :-)

  • Yes listen to the very end of the next podcast as Phil72 says, because I didn't and wish I had!! No more intervals yay!! Well done Chewy :)

  • Go chewy go!!!! Only one run until week 7!!! Yes, this program works and changes lives in the process. I went from a couch potato to checking out a book at the library on running this past week. ;-) Good luck with R3!!

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