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Just did first post-grad run to stepping stones

Despite a mild hangover I really enjoyed my run this morning. It was great to have Laura whispering in my ears again, especially when she called me a runner.

I also found the counting very useful, unfortunately as a side effect I can now only do things to a count of "1,2,3,FOUR".

Run today was a bit slower that my graduation run (by 49 seconds) and (as it should be) my last mile was the fastest. I'm puzzled though that my middle mile was the slowest when it should have been faster than my first mile as the bpm was higher.

Anyway I think I'll try stamina next, then may be start next week with a crack at speed.

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I've come to the conclusion that I'm no good at keeping time to the beat. :-) When I started Stepping Stones it felt like I was going a bit slower than I would have done without Laura's 'ONE TWO THREE FOUR', but when I checked the songs I usually run to on the jog fm website, most of them have fewer bpm than Laura's...???

I did find the breathing much easier on this run, I'd have been able to exchange the odd remark if there'd been anyone there to talk to.

After 25 minutes I switched to my own music and completed the same distance as my graduation run. I'm going to try speed next and then stamina. It's quite fun doing something a bit different and I'm looking forward to making playlists for bpm too.


mattaitch and mitts, I just want to say you two are an inspiration to this soon to be graduate!


thanks, you're not so bad yourself. The great thing about this group is that you can always find someone who is either going through or has gone through whatever stage you are in, and like giving presents it is better to give than receive.


Absolutely and thanks too gdean. I'm just back from the Speed podcast - much more of a workout than Stepping Stones although it's shorter. I'm definitely rubbish at running to the beat, really needed Laura with her 1234 which she says a lot in this podcast. I'll do this one once a week I think. Difficult to say much today as I had to do the first three intervals jogging up and down waiting for the level crossing to go up and dodging bikers, dog-walkers and small children. No idea how far I went.

But it was REALLY good - I'm so glad I started C25K! :-)


I've also done the Speed podcast a couple of times now and have found it has really helped me increase my speed a little bit more. It is shorter, but felt I had to work quite hard to keep up which is good. I'm thinking that repeating it a second time might be a good idea at some point . . . but not quite yet :-D


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