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Which Garmin ?

I appreciate that this question has been asked many times but now I'm close to the long runs in week 7 and beyond I'm seriously considering a purchase. These are my minimum requirements but I'd also be interested to hear what you've really found useful that you didn't expect ?

- Gives me time/distance indications (bleep every 5 minutes or 1km)

- Easy to upload to my PC

- Heart monitor capable

- Good GPS (finds signal quickly and reliable positioning)

- Easy to read (I suffer from old man's long arm eye sight, presbyopic as my optician tactfully calls it)

Any and all opinions are welcome.

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Hi Chewy - I asked more or less the same thing just recently -

I've (almost) decided on the soon-to-be-available forerunner 10; but from what you've written the 110 might be what you are looking for. I'm not sure that any of them are easy to read as you jog, though - and I'm not really up for taking my reading specs with me... dunno what the answer is there but the main thing is to enjoy the run :-)


I would imagine it also depends on your budget. I am also waiting for the Forerunner 10 as I'm not that fussed about the heart rate monitor (I'd sooner not know if I'm about to collapse LOL) and I like the idea of the virtual pacer on thr FR10 to help me with my speed.

Seems the black & green watches are available but not the pink for some reason ~ the pink would match some of my running stuff so I'm waiting as I like to be co-ordinated in my clothing as it doesn't always work for my feet!


Thank you both, I hadn't realised that the FR10 was soon to be available but from what I can see it not only serves my needs but is considerably cheaper than either the 405 or 410 I was considering.


Hi, I decided in week 4 that I was going to complete c25k and that nice gadget would aid in the quest...and motivate me to continue after completing the program.

I opted for a Garmin Forerunner 110 with hart rate monitor. It is great, and does all of what you were looking for. Best of all is the Garmin Connect facility which allows you to view online your training over time and look back at previous training. You can also download to your own local pc if you prefer.

My advice would be to shop around and make sure you get a decent price. I found tesco online to give the best price I could get, but these things change regularly, so shop around.




I opted for the Garmin Forerunner110 because it was much smaller than the 410 and much cheaper too. I got the HRM too which is a great tool to have cos I have an irregular heart beat which can cause me serious problems so this HRM lets me see that I'm not over doing the old ticker, I try and stay about 180-185 as a maximum. See my blog for info you get its brilliant, easy to use too, even this oldgirl has mastered it and thats without being able to see the face clearly without my specs. ;)


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