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My hubby has said he'll buy me a Garmin for Valentine's Day (very lucky girl!) since I told him I can't imagine life without him and running! I've read loads of your advice and feedback here but I'm confused as there are so many models. I want to look at them and try some on rather than ordering online. It looks like Sweatshop is the best place to go. Is there anywhere else? I can get into London fairly easily if needs be. Thanks all.


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  • I got the basic model in purple and it does exactly what I want - speed, distance, map, calories. I think Lemondoodle got the same in orange. I love my Garmin and particularly looking forward to having a way to map when I go off road. Just decide what functions you want and go from there :)

    P.S. Sweatshop definitely does them

  • Thanks. Yes I was thinking of the purple. Is yours the 10 model?

  • The forerunner 10 does not have a heart monitor, but I wasn't really interested having one.

  • No I wouldn't either. Think I'd be too freaked out if I heard the beat of my heart after a run!

  • Yup, Lemondoodle has got the orange one (forerunner 10) and absolutely loves it. I'm finding it is helping my runs, knowing exact timing and distance.

  • The 10 model seems to be popular. I can't wait. Thanks for your reply.

  • Probably because it's the cheapest out there and comes in fab colours :D

  • You lucky thing. That's so nice and supportive of him, and I think a garmin is a very romantic present. I haven't got one YET. but I know Amazon have a few that have a few quid off at the moment and the reviews on there seem very good, might be worth a look. happy hunting

  • I know I am soooo lucky. He is so thoughtful and romantic! Thanks for the tip.

  • Hi; I got a Garmin Forerunner 110 for my birthday/Christmas pressie from son and daughter; the first one he ordered from somewhere through Amazon didn't arrive; he spoke to Amazon as the supplier wasn't replying to him; they were excellent and supplied one in time for Christmas! I love it; the mapping is really good compared to Runkeeper (which I still use as it is linked to Myfitnesspal so adds calories earned for me!) and I find the heart rate monitor really good too. Did try and see if I could transfer my longest run back to the watch so I could run against myself but that's not on my model :-( other than that it's great!

  • Cheapest I've seen it is tesc* the 110 at £89.

  • That's a good price I think (mine was a present so no idea on cost!)

  • Good price. Thanks.

  • Good to know you're pleased with this one. Thanks for this.

  • When I got mine I looked in harrods have a sweatshop and lots of different watches to look at and someone on hand to give advice then went off for high tea ! Was a great day got a pink forerunner 10 and I love it x

  • Oh that sounds like a good idea! Might do that. Thanks.

  • I've got a purple forerunner 10 and it does everything I need. The newer models are nicer looking though! Take a look at the garmin website for running watches here and you can compare the features of different models which should help you decide what you need/want.

  • Thanks for this. Now what colour should a girl get.....?

  • That was definitely the hardest decision...

  • Well that's actually a good point. Do your homework carefully because a couple of colours in the Forerunner 10 (black and orange?) are bigger than the others. I have the pink as it was on very special offer in Tesco, but it's one of the smaller ones and I love it!

  • Good tip. Thank you.

  • Might be a bit controversial, but I'd avoid the 110/210's because they have a nasty habit of switching off in a way that you can't switch them on with the light button. I had the issue regularly on my 210, someone on the facebook page had it with their 110 and there's quite a few reported on the internet. Loving my 610 though.

  • Will do some research. Thanks for this.

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