Which Garmin?? Or any other ideas???

I'm swithering about whether to buy a Forerunner 110 or wait a couple of weeks and get one of the new Forerunner 10s. Or maybe get something completely different - but what??

Against the 10: 1. the ladies' version comes in puke green or Barbie pink, and the mens' one might not fit - my wrists are 15cm. 2. It's not available yet.

Against the 110: it's more expensive so probably more complicated

And the million dollar question about both - would it work in a (not very dense) wood????

Somewhere I have read that the 110 should work in woods, but 'should' doesn't always mean 'does'.

Does anyone have any other ideas? I looked at the Polar watches but they seem more complicated too. Help!


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  • I got the Ladies Garmin110 Grey/pink for my birthday on Thursday its too soon to say if I like it or not. BUT I can tell you its exactly the same size as the ordinary Garmin110 in black cos one of the runners at Parkrun yesterday got one for his birthday this last week and we were comparing them for size, no difference at all. Mine came with HRM too which I love having cos I do have an irregular heart beat so it will let me keep a check on that side of things.

  • Thanks Oldgirl - that's the one I'd get if I went for the 110. From the look of the Forerunner 10 the black one is bigger sites.garmin.com/forerunner10/

    Think I might just get the same one as you - I feel my Barbie pink days are kind of over now and the green one is just too... green.

    Have you had yours out in a wood yet? Do please post up as soon as you have! I'm due to graduate next week and I'm treating myself to a watch as a graduation present!

  • I think from the specs the big advantage of the 10 over the 110 is that it is properly waterproof. From reading reviews a few people have complained that on longer runs the 110 mists up inside and in worse cases can die altother from water ingres. On the other hand the 110 does have better features, such as the heart rate minitor.

    I have the 10 on my birthday wishlist because I'm just interrested in distance run and pace but I'm male so I won't have to have the yucky colours!

  • I've read this too, one consumer mag said you could take it back if it misted up. I just need distance etc too. The other advantage of the 10 might be that it's easier to use because it's simpler. And that would be an advantage to a technophobe like me... I always end up pressing the wrong button...

  • I have a 110 and love it. The only small problem I have is that it can sometimes take a while to pick up the satellite.

  • Oh and I used it I the woods over the summer without any problems

  • I just checked yesterday's afternoon walk on my Garmin and it kept the GPS signal up through the trees all the time. Don't think I can upload the info on this part of the site though, would have to be on a Blog.

  • My marathon-running and hill-running middle son has a 110 and he uses it in the woods frequently with no loss of signal. He's had his for years and runs in all weather with no problem with it.

  • I've just seen the new Garmin 10 in the shops in Italy and it looks really nรฌce -- acid green and black. It costs around 100 Euro so much cheaper than the Forerunner but have no idea how it works and won't know till I get back running.

  • Woohoo! :-) I shall go up to town tomorrow. Mind you according to the Garmin website they're Fr.159 here which is a lot more than 100 Euros. Maybe I should wait till Wednesday when I'll have time for a wee trip across the border... :-)

    And 'acid green' is a very kind description of that colour, Delia... or maybe it looks better live than in the pic!

  • the colour in the pic is much nicer actually...it's quite dull if you ask me. The shop doesn't have a pink one yet. The exact price in my local shop is 126 Euro. That means it'll be cheaper at say Decathlon.

  • Right, thanks - we obviously don't have the same taste in green! So the price is about the same, that's good to know.

    Good luck with the arm, another 3 weeks I guess till you get started again.

  • yeah, I love really bright even gaudy colours -- they look good with my silver mane! yep, 3 more weeks to go.

  • Thank you all - I did reply to Swanscot, Oldgirl and AliB1 but it seems to have got lost. I guess I don't have to worry about trees anyway. I'm really looking forward to knowing exactly how far I've been running through my lovely woods!

    I'll compare the two models and then decide which would be best. If they're a lot cheaper and easier I might just live with Barbie pink...

  • The black one is a bit bigger..... "It's our lightest, most comfortable watch yet and is available in sporty green, pink, or black with red accents. The black and red model has a slightly larger watch face and wider wristband."

    ยฃ100 over here in the UK, and a 7 to 10 day wait.

  • Hang on, that 7 to 10 days is for the black one, it's 2-3 weeks for the green and I'm not even getting offered the barbie pink one :(

    Had to laugh at this bit though... " As you run, you can see your time and distance clearly displayed on one screen and calories and pace on another"... Yes, I can, so long as I can find my glasses and get them onto my eyes while I'm still running.....

  • Seeing a watch of just about any size is beyond me without my specs so I just have to listen for the beep and hope for the best if I've no glasses on :(

  • I know just how you both feel... :-( I'd continue to time myself with my playlist... Those manufacturers really shouldn't make promises like that, it's bordering on ageism :-) - but then they're probably all on the other side of 30 to me...

    I'll go into town tomorrow and investigate when they'll be in our shops here (Switzerland). If they're available in Italy they might be here too.

  • Made me chuckle, I had exactly the same thought. Oh the pleasures of maturity ;-)

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