Garmin or ?????

So now I've graduated and I'm making plans for the future. Thus far I have fiddled around with Mapmyrun and Laura both running on my iPhone in a pouch on my arm. It's a bit of a bother synchronising everything so now I'm wondering about asking Santa for a garmin or similar. My question is: which one should I ask for?

I like the fact that Mapmyrun links instantly to my ipad and am wondering how a garmin would link up.

I'd appreciate people's thoughts and recommendations. I don't think Santa will want to spend a fortune so we aren't talking top notch (I'm not that good a runner anyway!).

Many thanks.


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17 Replies

  • I promised myself a Garmin Forerunner 10 for my birthday back in October but I still haven't bought one. I keep worrying that I will be wasting my money. However I think I'm going to bite the bullet and get one. Will be reading the answers to your post with interest. I hope the kind people on here come up with some good advice for you. Isn't it wonderful to have got this far :)

  • I have a Garmin Forerunner 110 (Without the heart rate monitor) which I picked up from Amazon a year ago for about £70. I have to say I'd be very lost without it now. I upload the data from my watch to Endomondo where I can keep a track of how I'm doing etc.

    I used to use the Endomondo App on my Android phone - but much prefer the watch - a) it's smaller and not quite so annoying as a phone on my arm. b) It's much easier to read whilst running with it being on your wrist.

    I've used Garmin GPSrs for years, their customer service is brilliant - so I'd stick with them.

    If I was buying now I'd probably buy the Forerunner 10.

  • I've got the garmin 110 with heartrate monitor , & i love it , highly recommended .

  • I was given a Forerunner 10 for my birthday in the summer, having completed 9 weeks .It is easy to use and I am sure helps my motivation. I found the computer set up and link to the Garmin website straightforward and I am computer unfriendly. Seeing a record of all the runs I have done is certainly motivating for me , even the Forerunner 10 gives masses of information that I will probably not look at but the split times for km are good and one can keep a record of the different courses one runs. It is light and not too bulky even though I have small wrists. A definite for Father Christmas's list!

  • I've bought my partner a Garmin 10, for Christmas. He's been using Strava on his phone for a while, I'm kinda hoping I've done the right thing! All the reviews I've read and heard are positive.

  • I also have the Garmin F10 great watch nice size and I find easy to read even without my reading glasses which was one of my reasons for getting that model, the only thing I would say is you would need to check about linking to an iPad maybe there is an adapter you can use but it's not something I have looked into

  • Love my 610, had a love/hate relationship with my 210.

    The nice thing about the Gramins is that Garmin is pretty open where as Adidas is extremely closed, you can't get data in or out of micoach.

    During a run, it's great to have the data on your wrist where it's accessible.

  • garmin forerunner 110 with heart rate monitor i use it at the gym too.I am lost with out it nice to keep track of things and set targets

  • I too have a Garmin Forerunner 10 which I love BUT it connects via USB so I don't think you'd be able to use it with your iPad (as Mummysaurus also said!)

  • I'm the proud owner of an iou for a Garmin 110 with heart rate monitor; Amazon let my son down with the delivery date so it didn't arrive for my birthday last week. As I've been feeling ill all week it's probably a good job as my first stats would have been rubbish! I am looking forward to getting it when I see him at Christmas so a before breakfast run Christmas Day will be my first go! Spoilt Mummy ;-)

  • I'm suffering from Garmin FR 10 lust so I am very pleased to see some good comments about it here. Think I might save it for a reward for when I graduate New Years Day.

  • In also have a forerunner 10, a present from my husband when I graduated. It's great but as mentioned already needs a USB so probably won't work with iPad. If I had known more about them and could have chosen I would have gone for one with a heart monitor and wireless. However that aside it's brilliant. Provides loads of info and is motivational in terms of improving speed etc.

  • Garmin have brought out some new watches - at the minute the old ones are on ebay at greatly reduced prices.

    I brought a Forerunner 610 with HRM for £150. Unfortunately Mrs P wrapped it in Christmas paper before I could use it ;-(

    This page has some great reviews of all manufacturers:

  • Hubby bought me a Garmin FR 10 when I graduated and I love it. Its easy to use and easy to see your time/distance whilst you are running. I have no problem uploading my runs onto Garmin Connect and also Strava.

  • If you have any Tesco Clubcard vouchers to spend, the FR10 is currently available under their Boost scheme, so effectively half price as the value of the vouchers is doubled. If you like the pink one, you also get 500 extra points, so another £5 off really. Pretty sure Santa will be bringing me one of those this year (especially as I left it all set up for him on my computer desktop!).

  • Garmin are offering 30% discount on their web site at the moment, with the code GARMIN30. You just type it in after adding stuff to the shopping cart. Not sure if it applies to all products but I ordered a Forerunner 220 last night with a saving of £66.

  • I'm lusting after the FR10 as well. I was thinking of waiting til after Christmas to see if they come down in price. I've used my clubcard vouchers already. Pity I hadn't seen your post first. Darn it! LOL

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