Garmin watches

I know this question is as long as it is wide but I'm looking to get a Garmin watch with a heart rate monitor.

A recent run (after nearly two weeks of no running) left me struggling and I felt a really fast heart beat. Being overweight and generally unfit (although fitter than I used to be) I worry about my heart / health so I want to monitor my heart rate more closely.

What do people recommend? I know a lot of people have the 110 but wondering if I'll actually want / need the features of a higher model?

Any tips, suggestions or advice?


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15 Replies

  • I posted this on another persons blog, but it seems appropriate here :)

    I have a Garmin Forerunner 305

    It's great, no real problems with it so far It occasionally loses satellite on my run, but it is quite tree covered in places.

    This is the sort of info it tracks for you.

  • Nice!

  • I have a Garmin 405cx mrqwest. My daughter bought it for me from Amazon and it included the heart rate monitor, two spare watch straps and an Ant stick that automatically uploads your data.

    It's great! I use all the features, I like to know everything!

  • I've been checking out the 405 / 410 but I've heard several complaints about the bezel controls - have you seen anything like htat?

  • The bezel control on the 410 is more sensitive apparently but apart from that they are both the same. The bezel on 405cx is no problem whatsoever. I haven't found a fault with it!

  • I treated myself to a Garmin 305 when I graduated and I love it. dont use all the features but I love that I can have the heart rate showing really big so I dont have to get out my reading specs lol!

  • A guy I work with has the 305, I'm tempted as it does look good although I can't help but think it's a little bulky :(

    Does it jangle around your wrist much when running?

  • Garmin is an expensive option for monitoring your heart rate. Polar watches have a good reputation and are considerably cheaper. I have a cheapo watch from that has the advantage that you do not need to wear a strap. saz

  • sorry saz is Adele, my stripey cat getting in on the act!

  • ha! Pesky cat!

    what monitor have you got from heartratemonitor? There's a lot of 'noise' on there.

  • Under the section strapless HRMs first one listed unbranded for £21.99. It is really basic but it does the job if all you want to do is run and then check your heart rate (when walking briskly of course). I have used it check recovery time between runs. In the past I have talked to the people who run the site and they are very knowledgeable and helpful. I have focussed on looking at my heart rate as there is a history of heart problems in my family and part of the reason I am trotting along is to keep it strong now I have hit the big 50. I have been reading John Galloways Running to You're 100 that some very good advice about heart rate when running. Also about taking it slower in hot weather.

  • I bought the Garmin 410, because it has instant pace and speed info rather than lap average and I love it. I would recommend choosing a model you want and then watching the price on amazon as they fluctuate a lot, you can use to track prices over time and they will alert you, I saved £40 this way. Enjoy whatever you decide to treat yourself too :-)

  • Thanks Phil.

    THat's the problem, I don't know which model I want :( A £40 saving is a bargain though, good shout on :)

  • The 110 does instant pace, too - and everything else I need it to... Depends how anorak-y you want to get, I suppose! ;-)

  • Did you decide on what you wanted? Just logged onto my emails and the forerunner 410 is about half price on Amazon... £166.63... now I'm tempted myself!!

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