Running quiz for music lovers

Well heres a little test for you.

Running quiz

Ok, see how many groups or songs you can pick out of this related to running?

When I first embarked on couch C25K, I thought I can hardly walk 500 miles, let alone run. So week 1 commenced and I felt ok after it. Then I thought, maybe I was born to run after all and pushed ahead into week 2 feeling confident.

Into week 3 and things looking good and I thought I’ll try a different route, I turned into a place I didn’t know and shouted to a passerby where am I? I was where the streets have no name and hard to make out a landmark, eventual I saw a name place and the dreaded hils appeared, it read solsbury hill, I thought I know this place. Who would have ever thought it, me running up that hill?

Week 4 and I’m a runner at last or so I thought, but then there was hard weeks ahead of me, I’m enjoying this and don’t wanna stop, so on I pushed, I’d made it, I was footloose.

Week 5 and the dreaded run 3 of this week was looking big, I knew I could do it, I believed I could fly, I chose a route I knew well and set off, damn, somebody I knew shouted me, I retorted, don’t stop me now, I’ll catch you later.

Week 5 done and week 6 I thought would be a walk in the park, how wrong could I be, I failed run2, I thought never mind, don’t look back in anger, onwards and upwards and get on with it. Again I changed routes, oh know, hills lots of them, I knew then I was on the road to hell! But eh I did it.

Week 7, no stopping me now and no more stopping, oh dear, can I do this I asked? I went back to a route I knew ell and thought, lets get started here, where’s the Olympic spirit I can run 20 minutes without stopping, with or without you, I ditched Laura, end of, I was on my own now.

Thats it, I thought I heard, it was me suffering delusions from the heat of spring, I was used to the cold air of winter, but spring was in the air, lambs appeared on my route, I could run like the wind.

Week 8, I was starting to get cocky now, full of belief, tears in my eyes, I was nearly there, it was only a matter of days before the plan was complete, I set of on one of the runs and could see in the distance what looked like a Manhatten skyline, but no, it was the dump of the town I live in. I knew then week was done.

Week 9, here we go again, there was now no doubt in my mind, the sky was the limit, I was born free I had a new hobby, it was my fairground. One more day left, I knew then tomorrows just another day and I could do it.

Enjoy lol

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  • 19 ish??!! ITS GOT TO BEEEEEEE ...... PERFECT for poppypug & no Excuse plus lots of others!!!

  • Youre right there Ali - haven't had time to read it properly yet! x :-)

  • you'll get them all - no probs! :)

  • Gimmee just a little more time! Lol Maybe that's going back a bit far for you! x :-)

  • that's about my era :D

  • "and our love will surely grow"??!! or something like that! i'm nearly 45!! :)

  • The Proclaimers - 500 miles.

  • U2 - Where the Streets Have No Name.

  • U2 - With or Without You

  • About 23- now I'm outta time! x :-)

  • It was Chairman of the Board ☺

  • Peter Gabriel, Bruce Springsteen, Kate Bush

    Anyone else playing ?

  • AHA?

  • Queen? Bruce Springsteen lol

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