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Running Up That Hill - No Problem


Ventured out for a Stamina run last night having had a few days off, and to run a route that I used to cycle pre C25K.

The route is mostly narrow country roads with a few hills.

Phone battery died with about 3 minutes of the run to go and MapMyWalk remembered the time but lost the distance so I've no idea how far or how fast I ran, although I can probably make a guess.

However, it was enjoyable for a couple of reasons - I found the run relatively easy to complete, including the hills but used to view it as good exercise when cycling which tells me I've made quite a bit of progress since starting C25k.

Secondly, I ran uphill without any real difficulty and certainly don't remember doing that before.

This was also one of those runs where you are only thinking about enjoying the run and none of the rubbish "I'm feeling tired" or "maybe I'll finish early" thoughts, and I suspect that was partly from having a few days rest.

I've been running for about three months now and am enjoying it and not taking it too seriously (well maybe a little).

If you are just starting, part way through C25k or have been running for some time, hope you enjoy it :-)

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What a nuisance your battery went dead and you lost your stats. Major Bummer. I think your attitude is the right one - NOT to take it too seriously. After all, that's what Mo Farah is for!

runningnotwalkingGraduate in reply to danzargo

Mo's a bit quick isn't he. Taught him everything he knows obviously...


well done...and thats such a great feeling of run up a hill..powerful body. Great progress.

runningnotwalkingGraduate in reply to ju-ju-

Thanks and good to see the Return of the Panther

ju-ju-Administrator in reply to runningnotwalking

Ha ha yes... The panthers definitely back!!!


Ups are good especially when your at the top of them ;) Well done though cos hills can be a real put off in the early days of running but can't be ignored for ever.

runningnotwalkingGraduate in reply to Oldgirl

Very true - think I might start including a hill or two regularly in future - we live in the highest point in the county so I should probably take full advantage.


Easy? Easy? You found Stamina easy???? I can seriously go off people you know!

Great that you had such a good run on the Stamina podcast and what a great feeling it must be to not find the hills a battle now. Brilliant to see how much you have achieved in just 3 months :)

runningnotwalkingGraduate in reply to sofaqueen

Well I did say relatively easy...

I'm sure you'll be doing the same soon but take your time, it's not a competition and actually more enjoyable when you don't push yourself too hard and see it happen naturally.

Plenty of time to get your sons trained on making their mum a nice meal too ;-)


Hmm, you're still not quite forgiven...

Seriously, it's really great to hear about your progress. You're right, I'm not going to push myself and get hung up about trying to do 5K in 30 minutes or anything else, just going to go back to what I loved about Couch to 5K in the first place - running 3 times a week for 30 minutes.

You're right - I do need to get those boys of mine trained up to do a bit more, especially as one of them has just cooked his friend staying over a full cooked breakfast!

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