Glorious Fail

I realised at the weekend that I was on the point of doing something momentous. I’d said at the beginning of April that I intended to do a minimum of 30 mins each time I went out, and mostly did that. So on Sunday I added it all up and realised that two more runs, each of at least 9.3K, would see me notch up 100K (62 miles!!) in the month of April.

Sadly, life got in the way and I only managed a total of 90.2K (a mere 55.9 miles). So technically this is a Fail, but I count it as a Glorious Fail. When I look back to January 2012, when I started this programme running for 1 minute at a time, I’m astonished that I can not only contemplate but come within a whisker of running 100K a month. And May has one more day in it than April so perhaps this is simply challenge deferred. This programme has made me a runner; if you’re only just starting, go for it!!!


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22 Replies

  • Truly amazing OldNed! Congratulations. Awesome achievement. Happy May Day :) Linda x

  • Thanks Linda. I was surprised when I added it up at how close I was, it just sort of crept up on me!

  • Awesome Ned! I think May is your month plus its now nicer to run in the sunshine and better weather so you may end up going well over this with enjoyable longer runs! :)

    I have never thought to total up my distances for a month; I may just start that today so thanks for that!

    I will let you off using the "F" word on this occasion Ned, as a wiser and longer runner than myself!! ;)


  • Thanks Sue; the weather certainly makes a difference! You may be surprised, as I was, when you add up the monthly total. And as for "wiser", well, Mrs Ned would certainly have a view!

  • Well done! I started this plan at the weekend and i've already puffed my way through 9k - I didn't run/walk 9k in the whole of last year! :)

  • Thank you; well done you for starting. That's the hardest bit. After that it's 50% physical & 100% mental!

  • Use that F word all you want to Ned if you continue to get such great results! April showers bring May flowers and Ned meeting his goal! Yippee for you! :-) Gayle

  • Thanks Gayle; fingers crossed!!

  • Glorious indeed! :)

    Looking forward to hearing how far you get in May! :)

  • I've got the bit between my teeth now!!

  • WHAT HAVE YOU STARTED!?!?!?!?!?!?!

    Yes, I did mean to shout that! Not only am I tracking my runs and have a spreadsheet detailing the treadmill runs I do, but now I have a new spreadsheet with total distances on it!

    So March was 83.05, April was 86.49, that's k not miles, but not too bad. Translated to a year (multiply by 12 months) if I keep it up that's a whole thousand kilometres!!!!!!!!

  • P.s. I'm an epic stats geek, once I get going I'll add in time, avg time, then start comparing treadmill with outside running, the list will go on!

  • Me too!

    Have you heard of the FitBit? I'm a bit of a FitBit evangelist but got an email yesterday to say I've covered 1000 miles since the start of the year! Not all running but as it's a pedometer you wear it all the time and it tracks all activity

  • You want me to add in the dog walks? And walking to work and back? And round the house? This could get dangerous....

  • .... but just think of all the lovely numbers and how they add up ;-)

    FitBit does a lot for you coz it speaks to your computer (or some phones) and tells it your stats ... and just wait till you see how many steps per minute you clock up when running!

  • Crikey, PastyMan, that's going some!!

  • ... and going up a few hills in there too! (I guess I had to come down the hills though :-)

    I'm not sure exactly how accurate it is ... it's a step counter and pretty good at doing that but you can log your height/weight so it can make a pretty good stab at distance and also how many calories you use in a day ... including just sitting around typing on websites ;-) This was really key to let me know how to lose a bit of weight at the start of the year

    I'm a big FitBit fan :-)

  • Sorry!! But you are clearly just as bad as me. I hadn't thought of doing a year's worth but now you've made me add it up I'm at 218K and if I maintain April's pace throughout the year that will be nudging 1000K. Blimey!

  • Glorious indeed! Well done - and may May go well for you :)

  • That's it! I now have a spreadsheet with Feb to now runs on it, with a pivot table so I can select certain month's data and get the sum of the distance of the treadmill runs and outside runs as well as the number of runs. Gotta add in dog walks now and I can add that to my total, then go back to January and beyond and add in those runs. I love pivot tables, they can do so much (when I get the right headings in the right fields (today it was pure luck it went right first time)).

  • Data from 31st December to now added!

    Since 31 Dec I have been for 26 runs on the treadmill, totaling (about) 122k, 37 runs outside totaling almost 195K, 49 walks with the dog (including a short break with hubby and dog where we did some long walks) totaling 221k. Grand total so far 538.37k over 112 instances!!!

  • That's impressive. Sets the bar pretty high!! Well done.

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