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Days off when feeling under the weather

I seem to have succumbed to the lergy Having completed Wk 2 I'm keen to keep going but my husband stopped me starting week 3 last night as it had been pouring down. Today I feel much better but still washed out and stuffy. I guess my question is how long can I leave it between wk2 and wk3 without it being detrimental, should I rest and repeat the last run of wk2 or just crack on?

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Colds, however annoying and however we are sometimes able to work through them, do sap stamina. It's best to take an extra day to sort yourself out and rest than set out for a run when your body isn't ready and face eventual disappointment. I had time off last week for a cold and then went and did my W5R3 which is 20 minutes no stopping. And it felt easy. Had I gone out the day I was meant to, I wouldn't have made it I don't think. So I guess listen to your body and go when you feel up to it, would be my best advice.


Thanks Fraz I actually went out tonight as i felt much better. It went well intact much better than I thought although I am glad I didn't go yesterday. Roll on Thursday


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