Week 5 - feeling a bit under the weather :(

I was tempted not to bother today. Feeling a bit under the weather :( My glands are up, throat is sore and got a runny nose. Decided to just get out there, do my usual route but with no Laura to guide me (I know, I can hear the gasps!!). Today I needed to listen to my body. I walked briskly for 5 minutes, then ran for 1 x song on the radio. Walked for 1 x song and then repeated this 2 more times. So ran for about 12 minutes in 3 x sections. It was harder than usual. I came home with my nose streaming but I was SO glad I did it. I was so tempted to not do it this morning, but I'm committed to 3 x runs a week and I'm not dying, I just had to dig a bit deeper today! Came home and had a green smoothie to try to up my nutrients and keep this cold at bay. Fingers crossed it will pass before my next run! x


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7 Replies

  • Well done - that sounded like a sensible approach. So long as you are not really poorly, a bit of a run is better than no run at all.

    Hope the cold doesn't get worse.

  • As you run more regularly you'll find your colds get fewer as you get fitter. It's one of the brilliant side effects of running. You can run with a streaming nose! Lots of do and it helps. Running produces lots of mucus (I'm sure you've noticed) So running and blowing will help get shot of it. Damned nuisance but if the cold is above your neck you're good to go. Should you feel up for it, that is

    Keep up the good work by the way!

  • Ooh, that's good to hear! I'm generally quite fit and active, but brisk walking is more my usual style! I can normally shake the 1st signs of a cold off by healthy eating and lots of rest, so I was a little unsure about running! I set off thinking it would be ok to just walking briskly, enjoying the lovely sunshine, but then I wanted to run! I've been 'warned' by other runners that 'the bug will get you' and I've never believed it'll 'get me'!! But maybe it's starting to! The mucus thing is interesting too, as I often have a froggy throat, and so I've always taken a tissue along on runs with me even when I've not got a cold! Thanks for the support and advice, much appreciated :)

  • Thanks useitorloseit (love the user name btw!!). I'm glad I went out, fingers crossed I'll be back on top form in a couple of days! Maybe this running malarkey is getting under my skin a little, as mentally I really didn't want to let my 3 runs a week commitment slip! x

  • Well done beetie.

  • Thank you Dunder2004. Love the Simpsons pic :)

  • Me too. The scary/sad thing is that I am sure Homer looks more composed that I do.

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