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W6R1 complete

I think I made that a little bit harder for myself in some ways. I started faster than I should have perhaps but regained my calm and did the 8 mins a little slower. I was pleased that I got past 5k in the time of the podcast (about 35 mins including Laura chat) but the other stats were down so I felt a little disappointed. Until I thought about it: this run is consolidation and about half my time was walking, compared to 10 mins walking 20 running on Saturday. Endomondo pro lets me see my speed/ pace throughout the run so I could see some faster speeds over the first run, even if the average was down. I'm sure I'll need to take a different approach on the W6R2 run. Two lots of 10 mins will be interesting but I think I need to ensure that I pace myself well. And the first of four 25 minute runs is the reward at the end of this week!!

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Great job getting into week 6! This week can be a bit rough coming off the high of just doing 20 minutes. You are correct, pacing yourself is key. Don't be afraid to slow down, speed will come with time. Best of luck to you with the next run!!!!


Well done!! Ya i was going to say the same as gdeann

As Laura says its not the speed,its the distance that counts.

I did the same last night i seemed to run faster

outdoors,than i did on the treadmill. its finding the right

pace and concentrate on your breathing. Good

luck with the rest of your running :-)


Nicely done Janda. I should have done mine this morning but work conspired against me so it'll have to be tomorrow morning.


Thanks and good luck.


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