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Hmm, that was harder than I expected. After my triumph over the demon 20 min run I think I took my eye off the ball a bit and waltzed into this thinking it would be a piece of cake! I managed it but wow did I blow!

My problem now is I am away on business for the next 10 days with an extremely busy schedule and in a very hot place, so am concerned I will not be able to run during that time.

What is more worrying to me if that I am in fact worried about not being able to run and it is all your fault! I hate you all very very much haha

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It's a fair cop! ;)

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Don't worry about it, get into it again when you get back, maybe see if you can get in a few very short runs, I had the same problem when I went abroad on holiday, just found it too hot for me at the time, and only did 1 15min run the whole time, so didn't bother running, just cooled off in the pool.. and at the bar😁

Sounds like good advise and to be fair I am a better drinker than I am runner.

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You're welcome! 😆😆😆😆

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Well done you...... And is there a gym where you are going on your business? You could do it on the dreaded treadmill??

I actually like the treadmill, I do more of my runs on my treadmill home than I do outside, apart from my Park runs obviously

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Ha ha ha :D You can count on us to be your Jiminy Crickets when you get back! Why don't you take your gear with you, just in case you have a strange desire to wake up at the crack of dawn and fit that run in whilst it's cool (er) and everyone else is still in bed...? Just an idea... (Mfam sneaks off whistling innocently with big grin on her face).

Actually mfam you can take that grin off your face! Amazingly I am going to take my kit and watch and heart rate monitor. I really do hate you all for what you have done to me :)

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mfamiliasGraduate in reply to chalfont_chump

Cool beans. That's excellent news, CC! And don't worry, we all love being hated. It's all part of the game :-) Keep us posted!

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ju-ju-Graduate in reply to chalfont_chump

Yay 😎😎😎

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Ha! That week six is a bu**er and catches a lot of people out! But you did it, well done!

Even a ten day break won't ruin everything, so don't think we'll be accepting that as any sort of excuse when you get back! Enjoy your trip.

Spend your evenings ice skating, maybe? Or see if you can't get in a friendly game of underwater hockey? No? Well then how about doing star jumps while you wait for your opponents to finish throwing their darts? It might put them off, but that's their problem, not yours. (How can you concentrate on their behalf?)

Seen the right way, running deprivation opens up all sorts of alternatives that you might now be fit enough to take on.

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mfamiliasGraduate in reply to gary_bart

I agree. There's always some form of exercise you can do for half an hour, even if it's not running. What's important is to keep up the exercise if you can't run.

Fast walking is a good option because it can be done anywhere and bypasses the pub environment and associated temptation to sink a pint or six (although I do like the idea of star jumps to put the others off :D)

Oh I always walk fast, especially to the bar when they call last orders! I shall do my utmost to be good (ish)........well a bit.....on one day......maybe!!

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mfamiliasGraduate in reply to chalfont_chump

Nobody's expecting you to behave like a tee-total saint :D Drink slowly. And order a pint of water to drink before you hit the alcohol so you're not thirsty, the pint will last longer, and you'll swallow less empty calories ;)

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