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What an amazing run - W6R1 :D

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Morning fellow runners :)

I'm not going to lie, I was *so* looking forward to today's run, after the horror that was yesterday at work. I went out shortly before 9am, the sky was blue, not too hot and not too cold, kind-of Goldilocks weather.

I have to say though, I felt good starting out. My warm up walk took me to the canal bridge where I usually start with enough time to take a quick pic or two, then it was off for the 5 minute run. I felt *really* good about that. I set off a little bit quicker than normal, then pondered slowing down, but realised that the pace was quite sustainable, and so I continued! I really felt I didn't need the 3 minute walking segment. As usual, I turned round when the half-time bell went off, pleased that I'd come further than I ever had before. The 8 minute run I did back off the pace in order to get through it, but at no point did I feel like stopping.

I remembered something Jo had whispered in my ear, that if you feel comfortable pushing yourself for the last little bit, you should, because that's where you'll really gain in fitness. So that's what I did, and to my delight, I ended back at the same canal bridge just in time for the warmdown walk.

For those questioning the bizarre programme of weeks 5 and 6, I think it's more for a mental boost than anything else. Week 5 run 3 was great, because I had achieved a 20 minute run and no-one could take that from me. Week 6 run 1 I achieved speed and realised that my stamina had substantially increased, oh and that's the most I've ever enjoyed a run, ever.

Thank you also to all of you people who commented on my post yesterday about having a rubbish day at work. You are all so lovely, I was a bit overwhelmed actually!

Time for that well earned cup of tea. Happy running :)


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Great post.

You are right in what you say...most of this is just pyschological.

It’s great pushing yourself and the feeling of achievement that gives you.

Enjoy the rest day.

Great start to the weekend.

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Yeah, I loved it actually. I wasn't scared of running out of energy for the first time ever. Having done the 20 minute run, the voice that normally says to me "you're gonna run out of steam" was saying "you got this!". Thanks for the encouragement, enjoy your day/weekend too!

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Well done you!!! 😃

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Thanks Lorraine, it was fun! Loving the profile pic btw :)

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Ah loved reading this ! Well done Neil - you are doing fantastic

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Well done Mr Neil! That sounds like a very rewarding run. You entered it with the right frame of mind and reaped the rewards! So nice to see your progress.

That route looks dead pretty, too. Love these blue sky autumn days.

Keep up the very good work. 👏👏👏

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Thank you Sadie-runs! Yes it's a lovely route along the Macclesfield canal, from High Lane in the direction of Marple. I keep planning to go out with my decent DSLR camera, but then I get over-excited and feel like running instead :)

How are things with you today Sadie? How's work? Have to look after my virtual running buddy you know :P

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Looks so peaceful and serene too. Sigh. I love running outdoors, come rain or shine (though prefer shine, of course.)

Work is always a wee bit calmer on Fridays and of course my run this morning has made me feel super chilled, so I could take anything thrown at me today. :-) Thank you for asking, you are so thoughtful. This morning's run has been my favourite so far – 25 mins, and really got into my stride. UTTERLY ADDICTED!

Enjoy your day, Neil. :-)

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You ran this morning? How did I not see that post!! Very well done, I'll reply after lunch :-) but yes, running on a day like this is a joy!

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Lovely photos, looks a wonderful place to run and with blue skies too - just fantastic. Sounds like a great run 😀

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Thanks - yeah, when it's not raining it's lovely. And since water does not run uphill, it's completely flat too :D and yeah, I *really* enjoyed this one 😀

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Well done Neil. Looks like a lovely place to run too 😊

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Thanks Kim, yes, it is rather picturesque, if a little muddy in places! I'm told if I go the other way down the towpath it's less muddy because it's maintained by a different council lol! Thing is, I'm rather used to this route, and I have my landmarks that help me judge how well I'm doing and how far on I am. Maybe one day!!

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Good post Neil...weeks 5&6 to are def stuck in there to get you past those mental ‘you can’t do this’ gremlins...but we all know we can...just like you are!! Hope you’ve had a better day at work today? Have a good weekend too 😉

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Thanks Mummycav, today has been a much better day, particularly as I don't work Fridays normally :D Today was definitely one of those "I like running, can't be bothered listing to the gremlins, let's get out there!" sort of days :)

Are you still enjoying being a graduate?

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What a gorgeous run, I am dead jealous! Great post, so nice to hear how much you enjoyed it. And sounds like you are doing a brilliant job too, well done! :)

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Thanks - yes, I love it. Would love it more without all the puddles near the start though :) How are you getting on as a "post-grad" ?

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Embrace the puddles!! It might be fun :) Not bad, I've had me ups and downs! But I'm truly hooked so I'm just gonna have to work through them, I think I've turned a corner.... well, I've turned several hundred by now! :)

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Very well done... you left work behind and you had this beautiful run:)

Keep that happy feeling as you relax into the longer runs..let the newly-found running legs carry you on... and find your happy pace:)


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I think this was one of those runs where everything just goes right. Nice weather, felt I was pushing myself, yet it was fine. I did really love it!

How are you getting on btw? You spend an awful lot of time encouraging us rabble, but how are you doing?

Lovely pics and sounds like a lovely run after a crappy day at work. Nicely done... it is in the head, the running builds up your legs but if your head says no then the legs don't go....

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Most definitely, really enjoyed myself! I felt I'd made a bit of a breakthough in ignoring the little voice that says I'm flagging... also, I am of course a bit fitter now, which really helps :) Thanks for the comment and encouragement, much appreciated.

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Hi Neil, your run sounded absolutely fantastic. Well done you! I’m hoping to do this one on Sunday and am looking forward to it even more since reading your post. Might try that extra push too...thank you for the inspiration.

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It was... suddenly week 9 run 3 doesn't seem completely out of reach, and it feels great.

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Polly2810Graduate in reply to Hidden

It will be here before you know it!!

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Love that you're one run ahead of me - reading your posts always feels reassuring.

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I've been one/two runs behind Sadie-runs for ages... so I know how that feels!

Really great that I'm reassuring though, kind of you to say. I try to be as positive as I can be, ok, I may have had a blip yesterday, but I guess that's life. And it's not like I'm making it up, it genuinely was a really positive experience for me, and knowing my fitness level when I started this, or lack of it, should I say, if I can do it, anyone can!!

Great post, great pictures and a great run too. I just love it when a run comes together! I had to wait until yesterday evening for my run, but it was so worth it! 😀

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