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Failed to complete W6R1 :-(


I failed W6R1 miserably on Sunday - after successfully doing W5R3. I think maybe I got a bit cocky - I definitely got a bit complacent. I managed the first 5 minutes ok, then had to stop about 3 minutes into the 8 minute run. I'm going to try again tonight - can anybody offer any words of advice please?! This has really knocked my confidence and I actually feel like throwing in the towel (embarrassed to admit it but it's true).

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Don't worry, you are not alone Week 6 is a week that catches a lot of people out.

Remember that each week of the plan is a progression and more challenging than the previous week.

You've done fantastic getting this far and having completed the milestone W5R3, you are ready to do this.

Although it's been said many times before here, it's very true that slow is the way forward. Even if you feel you are already running slowly, slow it down even more and just take your time. You can do this and you will do it.

Good luck with your next run, I look forward to seeing that you've smashed it.

Thank you x


No f word allowed. It was a practice. Every one of us has had a practice run at some stage. It happens so please don’t be too hard on yourself. The first interval run after that 20 minutes is awful and SO hard. You’re doing great and tonight you’ll smash it!

Thank you - I’m going to try again. Fingers crossed 🤞

I can’t believe how down I am about it - just so deflated! When a few weeks ago I couldn’t even complete 60 seconds!

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It’s so easy to be down and hard on yourself but you just said ‘when a few weeks ago I couldn’t even complete 60 seconds’ You’ve (we’ve) come SO far in just 5 short weeks. That is worth celebrating!

I know it’s easy for people to say chin up and you’ll do great next run, when I did my ‘practice’ run I was also so deflated. But I kept going and the next run was fabulous so I’m proof (at 20 stone!) that it’s possible.

Thank you so much that’s so kind. And well done you!! xx


You shouldn't worry at all. I also had some trouble in W6 but then it was OK. You just need to let it go and try again. I wouldn't do it on the same day as you might be tired. Good luck anyway!

Thank you!!

I'm on W6/R2 tomorrow - so just one ahead. I struggled a lot with Run 1 this week, and slowed down (to just faster than a snail) to get through it.

You've (we've) done amazing to get this far - and there are bound to be hiccups... I'd run it again with a couple of days rest, take it really gently and I'm sure you'll conquer it.

I felt like I was going really slowly but honestly I think I was just a bit cocky!! Thank you - will slow down even further and hopefully get through it.


You can try and fail, but failure is when you fail to try. (Sorry I know the F word is bad here so I thought I’d use it, I’m a naughty boy)

Sometimes you meet the impossible... and at that point the challenge is to work until it’s possible. When my knee is fixed I’m expecting many of these fails, but I won’t be a failure.

Repeating now gets your legs and body stronger for the next tough one you find than you would have been if you’d breezed this one... so your “fail” actually helps you later.

When the legs find it hard it sometimes becomes a matter of will, and to get to week 6 you DO have what it takes, everyone here knows that you do, but occasionally you may need to convince yourself of that.

That is really helpful - thank you so much x

The bogey W6R1. It’s pesky and catches loads of people out, especially after feeling so good completing W5R3, the first real landmark run. If I hadn’t read lots of warning posts on here, I think I might have fallen victim too.

Just go slower than slow and don’t beat yourself up about it. You’ll be fine now you know what’s coming!

Good luck! 😀

Thank you x


Can I ask (as I have this run tomorrow!) if you have any insight as to why you found it harder? I thought that as I’d done the 20 mins nonstop the next run, with intervals, would be easier... now i’m a bit concerned!

I genuinely think I was a bit overconfident & blasé about it “oh intervals again, no big deal” I literally ran out of steam 3 minutes into the second run so I think I didn’t pace myself properly in the first run. I’m going to try again tonight. Best of luck to you with it!

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Good luck tonight - I think I may find it easier to pace myself as i’m on a treadmill, I don’t know how i’d pace myself outdoors! I am sure you’ll do it this time around. Let us know how you get on?

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I think it's the 20-minute high you get from W5. Along with many others, I was surprised how hard I found W6R1 after W5, but the programme is designed to gradually push you, don't forget. Don't worry about it, just take it slow, as slow as you need to. You can totally do this.

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Oh thank you, I really appreciate these replies! x


It's not a fail. How far could you run five weeks ago? Just take it really slow. Very slow. Slow is good! Week 6 is the hardest I think. Just think snail!! 🐌🐌🐌🐌🐌

Hahahaha thank you!! xx 🐌🐌🐌🐌

Really appreciate the advice! xx


Please don't quit :(

I hated that run. I thought it was so so so hard. It made absolutely no logical sense. How did I run 20 minutes (not easily, but did it) then hate so hard a run that had a REST in it. It makes no sense.

Then I realized: Starting is the hardest part for me. Settling in, accepting that this is what we'll be doing for the next 20+ minutes or so, the physical impact of ramping up from walking to running.

So at that point, THREE starts felt like torture.

Early on, I needed those walking breaks like you cannot imagine. I desperately needed every second of them to recover from the gasping tortured breathing. As weeks went on? I needed them, I was grateful for them, but gosh they were just a liiiitle too long. Not like I was super anxious to get back to running, but kind of?

I don't know if any of this relatable at all. It's just something that I have discovered about myself.

I ran 25 minutes for my run today and it was "fine" (ha!) but truly if I had to run 5 minutes four times with little breaks in between? I think I might have cried and been completely wiped at the end.

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That rings so many bells for me too, thanks for that. I too found it easier to get in my running rhythm and just run, rather than starting and stopping.


If you "throw in the towel" then the gremlins win.

I bet you heard things in your head like "see, you knew you couldn't do this" "you just got lucky on the last one" "It's too hard"

You ran for 20 mins. You CAN do this. You know how to do it. Slow down and push on. The only question is - do you want to? If you want it enough you won't let those little buggers win! 💪👍😁

If you search the forum you are not alone in finding this one in particular hard after the euphoria of W5R3.

I DID IT!!!!!!!! 😃😃😃

Thank you so so much to everyone for their advice and encouragement! I went slower than slow and just kept pushing on - really tough but in thrilled with myself now 😊 huge thanks again! xx

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Fantastic!!! You rule! 💪👍😁😁

Thank yoooooo!!!! 😁

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Hold onto that thrilled feeling. If you have any other doubts just remember how that felt. You CAN do this! 👍😉😁

I sure will - thank you!


It’s infamous that run! Put it behind you and try it again. Remember to slow down and slow down again.


Well done, knew you could do it 😁👏👏👏

Thank you!! X

Way to go, it definitely becomes a mind game, but now you know you really can do it!

Thank you ❤️

You can’t fail if you keep trying. You’ve got this. Don’t beat yourself up.

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