Done it - week 9 run 3 in the bag!

After postponing from this morning I finally did my final (C25K) run.

It was my first ever run in the evening after work, which was weird and my first under 11 minutes a mile and to top it all my first mile was 9:59!

I think that being excited about finishing and running at the wrong end of the day messed up my pacing a bit and I didn't run as far as in my first 2 week 9 runs as when Laura said stop I was more than ready too and it was a bit of a struggle to carry on until I had done 3 miles (32 minutes), but I did it.

Now I am going to take a 3 day rest before trying the Stepping Stone podcast, and I'm ordering a C25K running top to celebrate.

To all those who are struggling, particularly with their knees, take heart, I have spent nearly as many weeks resting with injuries as I have doing the runs, but weeks 8 & 9 have just flown by.

I've a lot to thank the NHS for, and this just adds to the list. I just hope that this excellent work continues before someone screws it up by trying to make money out of it


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  • Well done Matt, fabulous achievement! Hope you've messaged John (JR21) for your nice green graduate badge :D

    Good luck with your post C25K plan too :)

  • Matt, it's an amazing feeling isn't it, we'll done you buddy, I graduated on Saturday and still feel on top of the world, well don, your a runner now

  • Well done on completing the C25K programme. It's a great feeling, knowing that now you're a runner and can build on this base.

  • Congratulations matt! Looking forward to seeing that shiny badge next to your name, you deserve it!!!! Enjoy the rest and enjoy your new running shirt!!!

  • Brilliant, you've done it! Isn't it a great feeling?!

  • Fantastic - well done, and a great speed too!

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