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Run Rabbit Run

2 firsts today.

1. Ran after work not before. My plan says to run 2 miles easy pace tomorrow morning. No chance - storm force winds expected tonight and through tomorrow morning so there will be debris everywhere and I'm not running against a 50mph wind lol

Verdict on running after work? Apart from the heavy rain and the strong breeze making it tough going I actually hated it. Just didn't seem to have any energy in the legs after a days work, strange because I sit on my bum all day, but who knows, just didn't like it. Not planning on doing it again soon either, would rather run in the mornings in the dark (which I'll be doing quite soon I think)

2. It was the tortoise and the hare tonight, well to be honest it was the jogger and the rabbit. I was shuffling past the bowling club with my head down against the wind and a rabbit ran out right beside me and got a huge fright, tore past me and up the road, disappearing into one of the gardens about 50m along the path. I giggled, As you do. When you're cold, wet, aching, tired and thinking about dinner. Hmmm rabbit stew? Haven't had that in a while. My mind really did start wandering, and as some already know, I have quite a vivid imagination - it's the artist in me I'm sure, and as I went along the whatever number lap of the ash track (completely lost the lap count as well as the plot by now) the wind really gusted and I thought of those stupid newscasters that think it's cool to try and stand up and report on hurricanes. It's not cool, NOT cool at all. My buzzer went off after 20 mins and I have absolutely no idea how far I ran. Definitely not 2 miles lol But 2 miles worth of effort though

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The list of wildlife I have terrified includes rabbits, a stoat, a fox, a variety of birds, sheep and a bullock on the trail. Oh, and several small children :)


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