ooh my new friend is lovely :)

introduced to my new friend today :) (Ali, Beckipeg, Minuette it's whole new obsession! Lol)

She tells me I ran 3.49k in 28 mins, my heart rate averaged 139 and I burned 254 calories ( so I've just put them back with sausage and chips :) lol)

My pace was 8.01kph

wk8r1 and at 8kph

so this tells me I'm off the pace for 5k in 30 mins (obsession started )

However I AM RUNNING 14 MINUTE MILES, I am actually running, with a pulse, and over 2 MILES

If I hadn't had the head wind... ;) lol

7 weeks ago I was puffing in the 60secs repeats, honestly stick with it folks the human body is a truly marvellous thing and I'm loving mine very much - even the wobbly bits :)


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15 Replies

  • That's really good. I love my friend too and never go out for a run without it.

    Are you downloading the runs onto Connect Garmin? It's great being able to look back at what you've done and to compare runs. I also keep a diary of my runs for easier reference. Try different routes and see how you get on - you'll find one route is different to another timewise, even though they may be roughly the same length, due to a slight (or big :-) incline in the road. I have a couple of routes that I run clockwise and anticlockwise and I am always faster going in a certain direction due to the 'hills'!

  • haven't got that far yet with the new gadget, like Ali plan to do all the technical pc stuff at the weekend

  • Glad you are liking your friend. I'm coming to terms with the fact that mine is a very tough taskmaster but I do love her. Going to have a play at connect garmin at the weekend...just watched a video on how to do it all and looks quite easy for someone like me thats technically challenged.

    Well done on your 14 minute miles, i think it's a good...I'd got there for a week or so and now back to being very slow! But it's great that we can measure all this...getting very geeky.

    To make you laugh when I was out for lunch on Saturday between all the wine that was consumed we did alot of running talk (my friend is just slightly ahead of me in her running journey).....are we becoming running bores???? :)

  • chuckled, yup, don't think I'm having a conversation with anyone anymore that doesn't at least mention running once :)

    Bit early in the game for bores though, I'm finding most folks are quite tolerant at the moment ;)

  • oooooo i want 1 of those garmin things how much are they :)

  • hi, I found garmin forerunner 110 with heart monitor for £124 on website deal with Halfords

  • Excellent - I spent £100 on a garmin Forerunner 15 a few months ago!!

  • I just bought one through ebay & it should be here after easter. cant wait. its a belated birthday pressie from hubby & its going to be soooooooo nice not having to sit at the computer & plot the run.

    AliB1, thats what this site is for :) & running clubs. somewhere to get together & talk about our new passion :)

  • my friends and colleagues will join in Shelley whether they want to or not! :)

  • will check halfords out thanx :)

  • Ooh, I want one ! Getting a bit obsessive about monitoring and logging what I do :-)

  • I need gadgets!! I'm just using the mp3 podcasts and then MapMyRun.

    Its soon going to be week 9 for you and then to the big beyond!

  • Pleased you like your new friend! After me saying initially I wasn't bothered about speed distance etc I've taken to 'borrowing' husband's Garmin and am now trying hard NOT to concern myself about speed, distance etc!

    Glad you're up and running again :)

  • I want one! I am using a phone app, it's pretty good but not altogether accurate ;( Perhaps I should start being extra nice to my husband ;)

  • Fairly shortly after starting running last September I got fed up with the whole mapmyrun bit and started using my hubby's old garmin which was ancient and like a small tablet pc on my wrist - so soon after that I started lobbying for my own much smaller gadget in nice lady colours lol. Hubby held out for a while but when he could see I wasn't giving up the hobby any time soon he got me my pink and grey forerunner 110 with HRM which is a great help. I think he paid £126 for it from Amazon but this was several months ago and in the weeks all around then it was going on Amazon anywhere from the £126 to over £150. Shelley has got a real bargain with her Ebay one.

    I upload each and every run (even the much slower ones with hubby so he can see how he's improving) to Connect and it really does give you as much info as you need (unless you are a uber athlete).


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