Slow coach and being old

Well just done first day of week 4 (taken me about 6 weeks with a weeks holiday to get here ) but what a difference from my attempts at week one. Only thing is I know Laura says so slow or slow down, my run is really a fastish walk..I get people half my age whizzing past me and even those walking are not that much slower. Does this count as I was so pleased I "ran" for the 2 5 minutes and the 2 3 minute slots :)

Second question is now ahen 50ish feel a bit old for doing this..anyone like to tell me they are (much?) older? Thanks


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  • The secret is jzane, that age is just a number and the members of this community have discovered the secret of eternal youth and get younger all the time. I was 57 when I started C25k but now I am in my mid 30s.

    The aim of the programme is to get you exercising, with raised heartrate, for thirty minutes, three times a week. If your run is slow compared to others, don't worry. Mo Farah would pass me like a bat out of hell......but next week I may well be in my late you never know.

    You have already felt the benefits, so stick with it and you will learn the secret too......but don't tell anyone, will you.

    Keep running, keep smiling.

  • Love it. I am now enjoying being 30-something despite my Birth Certificate thinking I am 52. Fully expect to reach my early 20s at the same time as I crack 10k :D

  • Your doing great... and you're not old...I'm 54 and recently graduated. :-) Going nice and slow got me through the program and I have done a couple of 5K's since. Many others on this site are 50+ and there is no age limit to getting fitter and healthier... I just wish I could run as far as a few people on this site who are a few years older than me :-)

  • ditto what ian and Andy said, i am 57 and graduated just over a week ago :D Stick with the program trust it and yourself and you too will unlock the world running and its benefits :D :D welcome and well done on your progress so far :)

  • Err - I turned 68 last week !! :)

    It has taken me 12 months to really understand that I MUST run much slower for the largest part of my weekly running programme. The speed during an easy/long run doesn't matter - but your heart rate, breathing and development of leg muscles does. These things are all strengthened/improved by long slow running -- faster running ( and hence faster heart rates) when training is used during a race distance specific training programme . It is destructive to run too fast all the time during training - especially for beginners like us. So - at this time, it is good that your "running" is somebody else's walking pace. BUT -- their walking at that pace will not bring their heart rates up into the zone required for developing cardiovascular strength and endurance- whereas your "running" will!!!

  • You're DEFINITELY not too old ! The speed of your running is unimportant its the getting up and doing exercise for the specified amount of time that matters and it sounds as if you're doing just fine with that. Keep up the good work !

  • Definitely not too old - but you will join the ranks of us who wish we'd started out much earlier in life. Better late than never tho. Good luck.

  • We have GJ who is older than 68. That's all I'm saying. She might be reading this! LOL

    I'm 57 in a few days time. I ran a half marathon a couple of weeks ago. I never ran before in my life before embarking on C25k!

  • I started when 59 and now I am 60 and have been running for over a year. Nobody is too old and or too slow!

    There are huge benefits for any of us in taking up the programme. There are people of all ages, shapes and sizes on here with one aim in common - to get fitter!

    The fact that we are all now addicted is another bonus.

    Enjoy your running - slow and steady is the mantra.

  • I'm 62 on paper and started this spring. Now I feel 10 years younger!

  • I was 73 when I graduated I shall be 76 in January, on the bench at the moment, had a shoulder operation 5 weeks ago. Managed to. Got a couple of walks in and looking forward to getting out there again slow and steady. Remember age is not the thing that makes you old it's an attitude of mind. Take a look at some of my old blogs. Good luck with the rest of your journey. Pat

  • I'm in my fifties too and had never run before this - am now addicted and wonder why I never did this before. I'm not fast but the speed has gradually improved. I've been amazed how supportive my teenage children have been - my son said when I said how slow I was that I could only improve and he was right!

    The programme is great for getting you going and don't worry about how long it takes you or how far you are running at this stage, trust in Laura!

    happy running

  • I'm a spring chicken of 50. I started running at 47, discovered C25K much later and graduated last year. I'm overweight (but less so now) I've got arthritis (but the running has improved it) and I'm not built like a natural athlete even with the weight loss. I'm curvy and not very tall with chunky legs (runs in my family). All of this slows me down but I can run continuous for an hour, keep a consistent pace and have knocked 3 minutes a km off my original pace and 9 minutes off my first 5k time. I don't do anything special, 3 times a week I pull my trainers and cheap sports gear on and head out and run. On a weekend I'm adding half a km onto my run each week to build my distance. Anyone can do it and I've proved it :-). Biggest and best piece of advice I've give is do it for the enjoyment

  • Well done and keep at it! I'm 54 and got to W4R2. Currently on the couch, somewhat ironically, due to helping my daughter shift her rather large and unwieldy couch! Can't wait to get back to it.

  • I started just after my 63rd birthday and I'll be 65 just before Christmas. Still run three times a week though rarely more than 5K.

  • I started running at 59, and turn 61 tomorrow. I run 3 times a week, twice in my work lunch hour (thank goodness for JogScotland in the workplace, and a Parkrun on a Saturday. These are highlights in my week. Sometimes I even get my daughter out running with me. You are never too old!

  • Hi jzane, well I started this when I was 49, to aim to graduate for my 50th, didn't make it, as did the usual too much too soon, however, here I am just turned 51, I have finally listened to my body, I run twice a week and aim to complete 5k. I too am slow, personally I call it 'wobbling' but it works for me. Last week at my local park run I completed in 37 minutes, totally happy with that, especially as I beat a 30 year old! I agree with iannodaTruffe, age is just a number, and yes, I too am creeping back towards 30! No matter how long it takes or how you do it, you will never regret taking this step, and that is from someone who hated PE at school, and has not participated in any kind of sport until I started C25K.

    Good luck, and keep in touch with the forum, the inspiration and encouragement you will get from all members is second to none!


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