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W8R1 DONE! Miracles do happen! I may soon graduate after all!

I can't believe it but there is a very high possibility I may very well graduate from C25K! I never dreamed so 8 weeks ago! Steve and I went for our beginning run of week 8 last night and we did it! I can not fully comprehend this morning that I ran 28 continuous minutes! I must say, each week takes me to running more then I ever have my entire life! It was a beautiful evening, not much of a breeze and it went well. I was fully ready for the 28 minutes to be over with and at the halfway point, I was relieved to know the second half always seems to go by quicker then the first half. This run was challenging, just as the others have been, but I finally see the glimmer of hope I will soon graduate from C25K. I had high hopes by week 7 or 8 I would not feel as challenged as I do and maybe I could pick up speed/distance. I realize for me, I am going from never running to learning to do it in 9 weeks and building stamina. Speed and distance will hopefully come with time as well as getting to the point a run may be somewhat enjoyable. I can only speak for myself, but this group has kept me going with all of the support and advice offered. I also see on the board, we have quite a group graduating at the end of the week! Congratulations to all the soon to be graduates!

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Great stuff, gdeann! Not long to go now, and as you have proved to yourself you can run for 28 minutes, adding another 2 minutes to graduate is only a tiny but more! I'm like you, I somehow thought it would get easier but although I had some really good runs, I nearly always found it tough (still do, come to that!). From "not runner" to "runner" in 9 weeks would never be easy for me. Still working on the speed and the 5k, but it's good to have a goal!

Hope you enjoy your remaining 5 runs before you graduate!


Well done gdeann on getting to your last week. Oh by the way you won't be graduating FROM here, no, no once you graduate you never get away you just carry on to bigger and longer runs! ;)


Yes, well done, you sound happy and confident, looking forward to seeing your badge! ;)


You should be in no doubt Gayle that you will graduate and then, if you choose, will go on to whatever running you want to do.

I'm not a gambler, I can just see the work you've put in and assuming that this programme works, which I think we all know it does, then there's nothing else that can stop you.

Well done, I look forward to your graduation.


Well done on such a successful start to your week 8. And thanks for all the help you've given me to help me through week 6! I, like Chewy look forward to seeing you graduate and move on to bigger and better runs as your progress continues. Great stuff!!


Congrats gdeann! We remain on the same course to graduation (I completed my W8R1 early this morning) This morning as I ran I thought of all of the other runners worldwide who are participating in this programme (as my name suggests, I am in Canada). I imagined that it was more than likely that someone was running at the very same time that I was (somewhere) and it was a really nice feeling of solidarity. Graduation here we come!


Way to go, gdeann! You'll make it and your story continues to inspire those of us in your shadow. So, keep running and blogging. Good luck!


I am so happy I found this site! I have my husband making the journey with me and offering tons of encouragement, but it is so nice to be able to find out we are not alone. Until coming here, I had in my mind what a runner was and I was very disappointed with myself. Now I realize speed is not important, its just getting out there and moving.

Soozz & oldgirl, thank you so much for understanding because both of you have been there with the same feelings etc. and you are right! I'm looking at how to continue once I graduate!

Runningwild, Thank you and keep moving! You will have a badge soon too!

Chewy, YES! The program does work! You have worked hard to be where you are, I look forward to reading your progress.

Franz73, no need to thank me, WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER!

Canuckgirl, YIPPEEE!! You did it! Great run! It is amazing this site reaches out everywhere! I am in the U.S. and never dreamed I would have running friends on the net, worldwide!

Texasdad, You won't be in the shadows long, we will all soon have those shiny badges!

Thank you everyone for the kind words! looking forward to reading how everyone is doing!


Hi, I'm Steve and I am gdeann's husband. I just wanted to take a minute and tell everyone how incredibly proud I am of her!! She has progressed from struggling through Week 1 to now shaving seconds off of her time with every run that she does. She runs longer, faster and stronger than she ever has in her life. She has truly moved from "couch" to RUNNER! Thank you all for all of the support which you have given her along the way!! It has definitely helped us both make it into Week 8 and just a few more runs from graduation!!


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