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week eight nearly done ... but what distance should i be at?


I know it is all about distance and not speed ... slowly does it ... and that it is a generalized program and we are all different... however i went out last night and did week eight run 2 and decided just to "gps" the run and not the warm up either... it seems in 28 minutes i did 2.2 miles no where near the 3.1... i am elated at the fact i can run/womble that distance whereas 8 weeks ago i could barely run at all, but a little part of me is still disappointed at still getting no where near the 5k in the time of the podcast... last run of week 8 to go tomorrow then onto week nine, amazed i have stuck with it and so glad i have found this community of like minded people, keep running people...

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Actually, despite the name, it's not all about distance, it's about number of minutes running. Which is why 3 30 minute runs is what you need to graduate.

After that you can build up to 5k by running for longer or gradually building speed. Or you can just stick to 30 minutes and if you do a 5k like Park run, walk the last bit.

It's up to you to decide. Just don't push too hard too fast.

You are right to celebrate the achievements, but try not to worry about distance; you can work on that post graduation. I doubt that I will ever get a sub 30minute 5k but I ran 7k this week and my stamina and strength is improving all the time. So good luck and enjoy your running


You should be at the distance you can run in 28 mins. 😉

As Hidden says C25K is a misnomer, but much sexier than C230Mins!


I just started week 8 and do about 4k in the time, if I am enjoying it and run on then I do 5k in about 35 mins

You doing so well to get to W8, don't let any of those horrid gremlins get into your mind.

Get to end of W9, consolidate your 30 min runs and distance and speed will come.

I'm a great fan of Parkrun. Lots of people run/walk so there's no pressure to run the whole 5k. Give it a go if you've got a Parkrun nearby you might surprise yourself.

Go for it! Good luck and happy running!

Don't be disappointed, a few weeks ago, you'd have been amazed at your achievement. Every time you go out, you're getting better and stronger. 5k us in your legs, heart and mind you'll see


I had a lovely run yesterday. Did 3k in 30 minutes, terrain, elevation, whatever. My Fitbit says my heart found it stimulating too.

OldflossAdministrator in reply to GoogleMe

... and I did a 2.5 K walk/run on the absolute flat in 27 mins for my first off the IC outing...I too, am delighted :)


I'm the slowest of the slow and only reached 5k today, 3 weeks after graduation . 50 minutes feels shameful compared to some but I have to just keep going. Console yourself that I'm slower than you. 😊


Everyone runs at different speeds I was actually at 5k but some not and that doesn't matter what matters is you are still running. I am now trying to run quicker.


Just run.... run and enjoy the running....:)

You get to those 30 minute runs, in one piece, and having started the building up of those running legs! Then... you can begin to think.. distance and even .....speed !

The replies have said it all.... they are correct... we can get a little despondent if we think we are not getting to where we want to be or expected to be...but..just stay with it and move on slowly :)

You are doing just fine:)

" The best things come when you least expect them to "


I ran 2.6 km today in 20 minutes after being on the IC for weeks - I am well chuffed I can still run! Don't suppose I will ever be able to do 5k in 30 minutes but I just love to run so who knows?

I figure that if you can time it so that you are more or less home at the end of your cool down walk you have done the right distance!!!

womblejoggerGraduate in reply to Maztink

with both the warm up and cool down i do the distance but the actual run i don't get anywhere near it, enjoying it never the less :D

I wouldn't worry about distance. Looking back at my Strava stats I found that in the 28 minutes for W8R1 I ran 2.3 miles, which is only a fraction more than your 2.2.

On my "graduation" run (W9R3) I ran 2.92 miles in the 30 minutes.

The following week I did three 5k runs at 38:19 , 36:06 and 37:36 (first Parkrun). So I'm nowhere near 5k in 30 minutes, but it really doesn't matter.

A friend of mine who has become a real running addict and regularly does 10k runs, 8 milers etc said her first Parkrun after C25K was completed in 39 minutes. She quite soon managed to get that down to 34, but since then progress has been slow - last week's Parkrun she did in 31. And as I say, she's a real enthusiast, and very fit. She considers it very hard to get under 30 mins for 5k. So I'm not in any hurry to get there.

So I think you've nothing to worry about concerning distance covered on week 8. The important thing is to keep going at the pace that is right for you - it will gradually improve over time.

Really, I think what the course does is to teach you how to run for 30 minutes at a pace you can sustain for longer to reach 5k if you wish - so you don't drop down from exhaustion at the end of 30 minutes. That prepares you for running 5k by just continuing a bit longer - while you still have stuff left "in the tank".

womblejoggerGraduate in reply to iain-strachan

good advice there, finished week 8 yesterday and i have finally realised after failing to get further than a mile on one "attempt" this week that it is all about pace, i went out with that in mind last night and while it was a struggle (have a chest infection or throat infection) i managed it ... such a wonderful feeling


thanks everyone for the advice, i have finally made it past week 8 and tomorrow night sees the final 3 runs of the c25k... i have already signed up to park run and have a half marathon for charity next year... watch this space and thanks for all the support over the last few weeks ... keep wombling on every one :D

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