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Wk4 apprehension!!

Successfully completed the first 3 weeks - and actually found Wk3 to be the easiest so far!! I even managed to conquer a short, steep hill on Wk3r3 I have always walked up whenever out running previously so feeling quite good about that .............. however, Week 4 looks to be a big step up to me, 5 minute runs seem like quite a challenge, determined to give it a go though tomorrow - any tips most welcome!!!

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Firstly well done on week 3 - great job! I found week 4 quite tough and week 5 was certainly easier. It's definitely a big stamina building week and I wasn't comfortable with it until run 3 when I ran at a much more even pace. Keep a steady pace all through the 3 phases of running and you'll have no problems. Good luck!


My tips would be to pace yourself. This is about building your stamina, not your speed. Also remember to breathe. Take deep breaths and try to fill your lungs. Also try to relax and enjoy it. Easier said than done, I know!


Great job in making it to week 4!!! Just try to relax and try to let your mind wander a bit. Slow and steady is the key...speed will come later. There is no such thing as to slow. Its better to go slow and finish compared to getting frustrated and quitting. If you made it this far, you are ready to move on! Congratulations!


I've just finished week 4 and each week I've had the same apprehensions before I tackle it.

But take heed of what everyone else has said. Pacing and consistency is the key.

I concentrated on keeping going rather than covering distance. My "run" is more of a shuffle at the moment but as both feet do leave the floor, it DOES count!

Keep it steady, try not to focus on the time, look around and keep your mind distracted and busy and it flies by.

This is the week where you begin running more than walking which sounds scary but I also found that you recover quicker too. You'll definitely build fitness and stamina this week.

Keep going and surprise yourself.

Good luck and well done! :)


Many thanks for the advice & encouragement - just done Wk4r1 & breezed it!!!

The torrential downpours we're having forced me into the local gym & I did it on a treadmill (which I think is probably easier than outside) - but it forced me into pace & consistency. It felt like I was running a long way, but I didn't feel the need to stop as I would have done in the past.

I am sure a big part of this programme is the mental part - last week 3 mins was an ordeal, this week it was the easy part!!

Hope the rain stops befoe Weds so I can give it a go outside


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