Done it!

We did our fourth run of Week 9 today!

I think I'm getting faster, although I have a long way to go. I will admit that I didn't use the podcasts in Week 9 because the music was starting to get to me. I moved onto my own choice of music and although I miss Laura's encouragement, the music really helped.

My boyfriend's a lot faster than me, but it's cool because we do the walks together and the running separately.

I still can't quite get my head around having completed Week 9. Three months ago, I could hardly run for a minute, now I can do 30 mins!

Next step is to gradually increase my pace so that I can run faster and cover more distance in that 30 mins. Here's hoping!

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  • And getting your graduation badge!! Congratulations on completing C25K :)

  • Thanks! :D

  • Congratulations, Fred23!! Welcome to Graduate-ville!

  • Thankyou :D Onto the next step!

  • well done! Congratulations!

  • Thanks! :D \o/

  • Yaaaaaaay! you did it. give yourself a pat on the back and go and get your badge!

  • Congratulations, that's great news! Will be looking out for your graduate badge. Keep in touch.

  • Congratulations graduate!!! My husband is faster then I am so he backtracks every so often to check on me! I admire you and hope to have that badge soon too!

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