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I genuinely genuinely mean this, it was ok!

I have been dreading this run for 6 weeks (I repeated week 4 because I couldn't complete 5mins) I have read blog after blog and genuinely had sleepless nights thinking about today's run. I had a huge fail last weekend and walked most the first 8mins, there was no way I could do 20 mins


I abandoned Laura, I couldn't cope with 10 mins left, 5 mins left 2 mins left etc. I knew roughly where I would get to and just went! I found having my own music and a stopwatch so much better, I sang to myself as I went round (aloud I think, out of tune, breatheless, thankfully it was pretty quiet!!)

I think it is mental, its like, you have to run 3 mins and that's all your going to mentally allow yourself to do, your going to run 8 mins and that's all you'll allow yourself!!

Don't dread this run, its a mile stone, and don't forget it you let ur gremlins gets the better of you, you'll only have to repeat the whole thing again!! Push through and you can forget all about the dreaded week 5!!

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Well done on W5R3, it's a great feeling isn't it? Definitely my favourite run so far. Enjoy the sense of achievement it brings :)


Well done on this run, it's a great achievement.

I have to agree with Fraz, it's a great feeling. I finished the same run this morning and I'm still on a high from it.


Echo everything that's been said, except that I haven't abandoned Laura!! Well done on getting through W5R3.


Well done, it is truly amazing to go out there KNOWING (this is how I felt) you won't manage to run for 20 minutes and coming home totally mindblown by having done it! What an achievement, enjoy that feeling of being on top of the world!


Congratulations! W5r3 is one of my favorites so far and I'm starting week 8 tonight. I think because it opened me up to knowing I could do it instead of wondering if I could. Congratulations!!!


Thanks for this. Tomorrow I embark on week 5. Reading the blogs it's apparent that everyone has their apprehensions about the dreaded w5r3. Me included.

It's like impending doom. How the hell can I run for 20 mins a week after I only just managed 5?

I'm trying not to approach it negatively tho. After all, just a few weeks ago I genuinely surprised myself by running for a whole 60 seconds. And I've continued to surprise myself week after week.

The blogs show that it's doable. And I believe in this program. It certainly gives results.

Anyway this time next week it should all be over and I can make my "I did it" post.

So thankyou for posting what I need to be hearing right now! I shall re read this before the run. :D


Thanks for this Lydiap. I will be doing W5R3 later this week and have mixed feelings about it. I know that if I can do the 20 mins that means the 30 mins is well within reach and though it seems like a big jump from W5R1 it is just the ONE run so that is what I will be telling myself! Well done on getting through it and on to W6!


Good luck hazzabelle and SBG356! Let us know how you get on.

I have to agree with gdanne, run 3 has to be my favourite so far and I can't wait ti get week 6 runs 1 and 2 out the way so I can do another longer run.

I know everyone says this but 6 weeks ago there was no way I thought I would ever say that, I genuinely could not run, I struggled on the 60 seconds I really did but even if it all goes wrong over the next few weeks, I really don't care, I can run for 20 mins and being able to escape 2 toddlers and housework for 20 mins to clear my head and listen to music is more than enough for me and I think with this thought I will head into the final part of this programme quite positively because I've already achieved so much in 6 weeks!! I honestly honestly couldn't do all 8 of the 60 seconds I had to walk the middle 2 60 seconds , I've repeated weeks because I struggled so much. This is the second time I've tried this programme, the first time round I did a week and gave up, 4 weeks to go!!


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