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Podcast issues since upgrading iphone to IOS6?

Anyone else struggling with the podcasts since upgrading their phone? I find mine are playing too quickly. Laura sounds like she has been inhaling helium and I've have to be Usain Bolt to keep up with the pace.

The only way I found round this is to delete the podcast and reinstall it again just as I am leaving for my run. very frustrating ... just glad they are free!!

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are you sure you have not accidentally hit the double speed button? I only discovered this when I hit it on week 3 and it went half speed and I ended up running twice as long in last section and thought it would never end :-) On the iPhone (pre IOS6 too) you only see the speed button when you can see the text on the podcast, the screen that shows what you will do and the time line. At the right hand of the time line, under the time remaining you will see a tiny box showing 1x or 2x ( or 1/2x in my case). This changes the speed of the podcast and I suspect thats what you have hit. Touch it till it comes back to 1x and you will be fine. To make sure it doesnt happen when running blank the screen by pressing the botton on top of phone once. Hope this helps.


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