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W6 R2 Take 2 aka this stubborn old mule won't take no for an answer!!

So take 2 and after the disaster outlined here just an hour ago:

I had a cuppa, got my breath back, gave myself a stern talking to and went right back out again. NOT necessarily what most would advise but I'm a stubborn little so and so and see red when someone or something tells me I'm not capable of doing something.

My stomach felt fine this time around so whatever that was - a small bug or trapped wind (lol) or whatever - came and went quickly enough but just happened to strike at the wrong time.

No problems this time out although I did go out a little slower. Still managed to cover just over a mile in both 10 minute runs so the 30 mins 5k is still on and total distance including walks = 5.1k!!!!

I'm sure I'll pay for this a little tomorrow and I wouldn't suggest it as a good idea necessarily but I have a LOT of marking to get through today and couldn't face it with the gloom of disappointment and failure hanging over me. A strange but seemingly successful motivation. W6R2

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Well done you - I think maybe your wind theory is right... what DID you have for breakfast?!?

Now you're onto the long runs :-)

But have a rest day first...


Garmin stats. Only got this a week ago and I'm struggling to make head or tail of them. I'm going with run my route for distance which said 5.1k :D


Well done.. i did the same last weekend.. had a shocking run in the morning so went back out that evening and did it..i refused to be beaten. Have promised not to do it again though..

Good Luck with R3


Stubborn old mule is an inspiration to this hard headed old lady! Well done Fraz! Have a rest day or two and then on to the next run. Week 6 was a rough one for me too.


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