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Last year around this time I have decided to do something about my health and well-being. Over the course of the year I accumulated tons of fitness and diet apps, read countless blogs and experts' opinions etc. I was determined to break out of the vicious cycle of yoyo dieting and unhealthy habits. C25K seemed like something that I could do. I loved running when I was much, much younger and was ready to fall in love with it again.

So everything was ready but I still couldn't force myself to actually go outside and hit the road. I have commitment issues I guess. Finally I have set the date and promised myself I will do it. I was counting days until 1st August and couldn't wait to do it. Don't say 'best time to start a healthy habit is now' cause I am not that kind of guy. I like to have a set date, and when it approaches I just do it and don't look back. That's how I gave up smoking as well.

So yesterday morning I put my trainers on, prepared my app and podcast and got ready. Just about that time it started raining. Ok, little rain is not going to stop me so I thought. I went to my car and found the broken glass and some missing cash. I got robbed. Now this is a valid reason not to do it today, right? I went to local car service area, cleaned my car and put some tape over the window as a temporary measure.

But what actually surprised me, not even for a second I thought of giving up. I was still childishly exited to finally start my road to better self. And I did it. Not as I planed, cause I went to my threadmil instead of the local park (rain turned to showers), but important thing is I did it. And reading all these success stories helped me tremendously so thanks everyone! W1D1 over and out.


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  • That's great well done on your first run. You know yourself best. That date was set and you did it. Be sure to keep us posted as you progress.

  • Well done. You could have made excuses and backed down, but instead you took the plunge. It's all good from here on! :)

  • Great to hear! Since you're a dates person, August 1 is now be your runniversary. Stick with the program and you'll be amazed where you are in nine weeks, even more in one year.

  • Well done - you could have had a well deserved pity party.

    I bet it won't be long before you are out running in the rain!

  • Welcome to the board !

    You will find lots of support and encouragement on here , its a really friendly place .

    Well done on taking up the challenge, this programme and givinp up smoking are probably the two best decisions I have ever made .

    You wont regret it I am sure. Plus youre well on your way to getting the love back !

    Well done for today and Good Luck !

    Keep posting , we will support you every step of the way xxx

  • The best time to start a healthy habit is when you start it. I think there's a period before we obviously start when we are going through mental rehearsal and preparation. Good on you. And welcome!

  • Hardest run completed. The first one. Great stuff. Seems like the odds were stacked against you today but you overcame all of them. Thats fantastic. Look forward to hearing more as you progress (and hope you get your car fixed okay and you didn't lose too much). Good luck for run 2 :)

  • Thanks all! I usually keep this stuff to myself, most likely because if I fail I won't be ashamed for not sticking with it. The reason for me posting is to have this in writing, once it is out there it starts to feel real, and I feel some kind of mental edge and have moral obligation to keep my promises. So much looking forward to tomorrow, that I am almost in danger not to take it slow and skip the day off. But reading through the posts I realize it is important to approach it wisely and remain injury-free. Will keep you posted :)

  • Good for you ench0..

    That first run is done now, you have started... it is a great plan and you will be able to succeed...

    Good luck with W1r2 and remember to take it slow and steady. Take at least one rest day between runs. ๐Ÿ˜Š

    Well done for not letting that car theft spoil your day.. great attitude.

  • IMO, the most important thing to do (and C25K programme helps and supports this) is to develop a new "lifestyle". Not a new diet - nor even a new fitness programme - but a changed lifestyle , one with positive and healthy elements to it to replace the old negative and bad elements - better eating, less drinking/smoking, more physical movement and strength building.

    When asked what is the BEST exercise programme one can do , one is often bombarded with different plans - LSD cardio, HIIT, gymwork,etc -- but the truth is that the very best exercise programme you can do is the one that you keep on doing!!! Forever! :)

  • So true. That's the reason behind me choosing between running and all other stuff I could do, cause I know I can stick with it. Other healthy habits will soon follow I hope.

  • Welcome!! The C25k programme is simply amazing, following it will change your life and be one of the best decisions you'll ever make. Stretch, listen to Laura, go slowly, take your rest days and before you know it you'll be running for 30 minutes!

    This forum is full of incredible, inspirational people so do use it for advice, encouragement and to let us celebrate your successes with you. :)

  • Thanks, really love reading all the stories, as you say really inspirational. Also sorry about your injury, here's wishes for speedy recovery.

    I am terrified of getting injured myself as that was the reason for quitting so many years ago. But we enjoy the benefit of the support from the community now, and that makes me much more confident. :)

  • What a great commitment. I might have given up after a car break-in. Go for it and I'll follow and cheer!

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