Overconfidence can hurt

Overconfidence can hurt

So, yesterday I posted about running w5r3 brilliant. Today I threw caution to the wind and thought I go for w6r1… bad idea!!!

I had a rare opportunity of being able to run without the girls because hubby was home, but we had a couple of glasses of wine with dinner and it was nearly 9:30 by the time I was able to get out the door!

About halfway through the first run, disaster struck. My ankle gave way and over I went, face first into the pavement. What an idiot, but I quickly righted myself and finished the session. The walk home started to turn into a hobble home, and by the time I got my kit off to shower I could no longer put weight on my ankle. 

Moral of the story is this, leave the day in between runs as instructed, don't run too late and whatever you do, don't run after a drink or two. 

I think I will have to admit defeat and take my seat on the IC for (hopefully just) a few days. 


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31 Replies

  • Ouch. I hope you've put some ice on that ankle, that looks nasty. Hope you feel better soon, don't run on it until it's completely better xx

  • I did ice it for a couple of hours and the swelling seems to be better this morning, although I still can't put too much weight on it. Feeling very foolish 😩

  • Ouch, poor you. I have my W5 day 3 tomorrow. I am a tad nervous but I am simply gonna take my time. I have still not ventured off the treadmill yet but this is a programme I have stuck too so feeling chuffed with myself xx Hope you heal quickly xx

  • Way to go Lyndsf !! You'll do great. I kind of wish I had a treadmill, then maybe I wouldn't have hit the deck because of the opportunity to grab the handrails. Ah well, we live and learn 😄

  • Hmm that is rather a Perfect Storm of running don'ts. W6R1 is rather notorious for bringing people down to Earth with a bang after the elation of W5R3' but not usually so literally.

  • Haha yes, I've definitely learnt my lesson!!

  • Oh dear, not good for you. Some of us do silly things and some of us have to learn the hard way. Ice, elevate and take it easy. Hope you get better soon. 🤕

  • Thank you, me too. The IC is a very frustrating place to be 🤕

  • Ouch., indeed... those grazes look sore...take care of that ankle too, as Curlygurly2  says, before you head out again!

  • Oh yes, I'm not going anywhere at the moment, will have to focus on strength exercises this week, thanks for your concern xx

  • It is the best plan! :)

  • Oh no, that looks sore , look after your ankle and yourself , hope you are back fighting fit soon ☺

  • Thanks Slow_Rob , I'm hoping for a swift recovery but have no intention of making it worse by pushing it, haha what a twit I am 😳

  • Ouch, that sounds (and looks) painful.  Rest up and get back out there when you feel better!

  • I will LessToLose , thanks so much for your concern xx

  • Ooh, you poor thing! Hope you recover quickly.

  • Me too, hopefully my pride makes a full recovery too 😩

  • Ooops! Rest up :)

  • Oh your poor love.  Get well soon and don't try and rush things. 

  • No, I think I've learnt my lesson on pushing the envelope 🤕

  • Well, of course hindsight always gives us 20 20 vision doesn't it?  We've all done things and regretted them afterwards.   However, rest up, get better and put it behind you. 

  • Yes, I do have a habit of dwelling on things, but I'm loving the program and really want to complete it, so I want to be back to full strength before I attempt another run. Strength training it is for the next week 😊

  • Ouch !!! 

  • Oops, it hurts. Moral of the story : leave the plonk alone

  • Hope you heal quickly and can get back into running but obviously wait till that ankle is properly healed. It is always tempting to get back into running before we should. How frustratung after w5r3 where everything was really coming together!

  • I know, so gutted to be putting my running shoes back on the shelf after such a fabulous week 5! I'm thinking I'll give it a week, see how it feels and maybe repeat week 5. I lost 4.5 lbs in week 5 so maybe I'll get that same result again too lol !!!

  • Hi Blue, that looks painful , Ouch !

    Has the swelling gone down at all now ? When I did mine it went a lovely shade of purple and black. I used to sit with my leg up just staring at the colours , there wasn't much on telly then ha ha :-) xxx

  • The swelling has gone down a bit and the colours have started to come out, I've actually got a bigger range of movement today too. I'm not intending on pushing things, but it's definitely encouraging. How did you do yours?

  • That sounds very encouraging ! 

    I did mine the same as you . I was carrying something down the stairs and couldn't see properly . I thought I was on the last step so didnt put my foot down and missed the last 3 steps if you see what I mean :-) 

    I wasn't running then so it didn't seem too bad , I just felt a bit "Meh " xxx

  • Sorry I realise you didn't do yours falling  down the stairs ! My apologies , that was CrazyCat1973 ! 

    Hope it feels better soon xxx

  • OUCH!!! I've done that too, hobbled away with a broken toe on that occasion !!

    What are we like lol xx

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