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Tight thighs are a good thing - right?!

Well for us ladies, if tight thighs means toned thighs then its all good surely - but try telling that to my poor thighs this morning!!

Completed W5R1 and it was a good run; felt good and breathing came together eventually. A beautiful crisp, sunny morning helped make it a really positive and enjoyable experience. Mentally I was right up there though the thighs were screaming a bit at the end but hopefully all the stretches will help get me ready for R2 on Tuesday - bring it on!

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Good luck for run 2 Sue. We can do this! I don't know if you ever read p184's blogs, but when it gets tough for me, I just think if my 73 year old mum can complete this then so can I.. enjoy your Sunday and here's to great runs next week.. Jx


Congratulations making it into week 5! Yes! You can do this, sore muscles and all. Jlow, your mom is such an inspiration!!!!!


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