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Proskins? Are they a con?

So I'm the type of person who loves a bargain so much so, I don't think I buy anything unless it's on offer, in the sale or I have code, can get cash back... normally a mix of all the above!

Due to this, the idea of spending more than £20 on a pair on leggings (yes - they're in the sale and should be £50!) seems ludicrous! That said, I've done it, based on the reviews it seems like they are either going to change life forever or be a complete waste of money.

Can any of you lovely people advise based on personal experience?

For those who don't know - proskins are 'slimming' leggings, that claim to have magical, super powers to make your thighs and waist smaller. You'll lose 2cm if you wear them every day, for at least 8 hours, for 28 days. The special technology means that they keep you cool when it's hot and warm when it's cool and they do something to neutralize your sweat too, so they are ideal for working out in. Light enough to be worn under clothing and good at creating a smoother appearance to the skin seems to be the general consensus of the reviews so at least if get that result on my somewhat dimply thighs, I suppose they'll be worth it! :D

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It sounds too good to be true, but I don't think £20 is bad for leggings...I'd probably buy them then complain they were "not fit for purpose" if they weren't magic...

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£20 is good for leggings. Some cheap leggings are like Norah Batty's tights! You can't get tights that make you slimmer, only a slimming diet can do that. Running will make you slimmer though!!! I'd get them. You know you want to

Dimply thighs are difficult to get rid of. Even Jillian Michaels has them and she's well-known for speaking about them. She says though that no-one should worry about what's going on at the back of their ass! You could be underweight and still have dimply thighs so don't sweat em.

I have got some! Mine are shorter though and finish just above the knee. they make me sweat like a pig and are feel yuk when you peel them off. Your legs go all cold. LOL They looks very smart though and do smooth you out. I got mine from SD and they were £19 but that was ages back. If you're exercising in sweat pants, it's the exercise that makes you lose weight, not the pants. If you eat healthily the weight will shift, no danger

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Thanks ladies, I've bought fantastic controlling leggings for less than a £5 so I have to disagree on the price side, but there is no way I could exercise in those without passing out. I normally exercise in sweat pants or really cheap crop leggings (£2 a pair) so to spend £20 is somewhat of an extravagance.

I used to walk to work and back, about 2.5 miles per day. I never watched what I was eating, but noticed after several months that my legs had most definitely changed shape and guessed it was down to the leggings. They weren't magical by any means, but I know they were the main reason for the change.

I've lost over a stone in the past two months, due to healthy eating and the c25k. I have definitely seen a change in my legs too and hope to continue to do so (one of the main reasons for running) but after reading that these proskins are made for exercise and still have that contouring effect without the sweaty peeling, seems in itself, to good to be true.

I've took the gamble anyway and ordered them. I'll take the challenge and see whether there is a difference :)


Do let us know how it goes!


They sound like compression tights which work well with running. I have some from aldi (£10?) which are nice and some from asics and nike which were a bit/lot more expensive. I find them extremely comfortable for running. I just bought some compression socks (SD) too and they were great during the last run. I'm a big fan of compression gear, though it has a tendency to make me look like an overstuffed sausage!

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Yes compression tights, I'm sure that's what people called them in several of the reviews I've read!

I too, prefer that, 'everything held in place' feeling and I'm glad you've said they're comfortable

...I'm actually looking forward to looking like an overstuffed sausage now! Haha hilarious :D


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