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Trying to do the right thing!

Went out this morning for Week 6 Run 2 expecting it to be OK but felt some aching in my calf from the start of my warm up walk, kept going hoping it would be OK but stopped and walked home after the first 10 min run. It hadn't got any worse but it hadn't gone away either and I don't want a repeat of earlier problems that stopped me running for weeks. I'll give it a couple of days and try again on Saturday.

I know we should listen to our bodies and not push them too hard but it's difficult not to feel disappointed that I could't complete the run today.

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Don't be too disheartened. The main thing is that you are getting out there. 10 minutes is better than doing nothing, and is a huge impromevent - consider where you were at the start of the programme. Remember to take the long view: C25K is hopefully just the start of a lifetime's enjoyment of keeping fit. There are other activities you can do while you recover (swimming? walking counts as exercise! gardening?). You will have heard the usual advice:

1) make sure to rest - take as many rest days as you need

2) are your shoes suitable?

3) perhaps use ankle/knee supports to give some help as you recover?

4) consider using compression socks/guards

Remember, it's not a competition - we all take our own time to graduate. Best of luck!


Thanks Tanya, that's good advice


You could also do some fast walking so that you are getting some exercise. There is a Strength and Flex podcast on here too that you could use. Also ensure you are keeping hydrated.


It's always disappointing when something gets in the way of a run. However, you already know from past experience that it's much wiser to listen to your body and rest if necessary. Good luck on Saturday. Best wishes.


Thanks Fitmo, the support on here really helps to keep me positive, I've still got some aching so I'm going to take the advice given and postpone my next run till Monday


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