Right Achilles feels tight and a little sore - any ideas?

Just did w9r2 this morning and it was no trouble until a while after I had recovered. Did a lot of walking up hills in yesterday's heat in FLIP FLOPS (bad bad wardrobe planning) with a heavy bag and laptop case ( bad bad life management), could that be it? Don't normally get bothered with Achilles pain due to running, but equally don't want to end up proper injured (and would really like to graduate on Saturday!). All suggestions gratefully accepted 😯😯😯


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  • Flip flops could definitely do it as your feet are doing all the work and flip flops give zero support. Do you have any sandals that give more support to wear instead or maybe light canvas shoes? 'Heel drops' should help, but be really careful as you don't want to risk your Achilles getting any worse. Stand on a stair with your heels hanging over the edge, one hand on the banister. Slowly shift your body weight back over your right heel, so your right heel drops down. Then use your left foot to shift yourself up again. Its crucial not to lift back up with the weaker foot as it can cause it more strain. Hamstring stretches should also help. If it gets worse see a doctor of course too. Hope it eases soon! 😊

  • Another vote for heel drops! They do the trick.

  • Thank you! I had stupidly chosen flip flops because of the heat, forgetting that I had a LOT of walking to do!! I have tried the heel drops and things are definitely feeling better - am also being more discerning about my choice of shoes (although to be honest if I could live in trainers I would as nothing comes close for comfort! I get terrible hard skin and corns and one of my toes is sort of twisted so I am forced to walk on the side of it - eek!!!!). But Achilles definitely feeling much better!! πŸ˜€

  • Yay! Glad it helped. Ive realised the best sandals for me in summer are the gladiator style with a strap that goes round your ankle, so maybe look for something like that. Mine were just Β£8 from shoe zone and have lasted 2 summers so far! When you start running you become hyper aware of your feet. I bet you were walking around thinking this will stop me running, rather than this hurts!

  • Lol yes, that's exactly what I was thinking!!!!!πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

  • Er yes. I have given up wearing flip flops and toe post sandals etc as you have to use your big toe too much for grip. Result for me is an arthritic big toe! Boo!

    I think also we see folks tighening up and report pains and aches towards the very end of the programme and I've put some of it down to anxiety. You are getting a bit stressed about it perhaps?

    So, chill out (ha, difficult in this weather!) eat well, keep really well hydrated and relax a bit. You're not running til Saturday. If you feel the urge just go for a gentle jog to keep you flexed.

    You could apply an ice pack to your sore heel, that always helps, or rubbing a piece of ice over the affected area for 10 minutes (keep it moving though so you don't get ice burn) I make little ice cakes and keep them in the freezer, using those silicone muffin moulds. They last about 8 - 10 minutes, probably much less in this heat. Good though.

  • Thank you, great tips which I will try (positively salivating at the thought of ice in this heat!) Xx

  • Yep flip flops and hills would do it! Have a look at this link. It's no. 2!


  • Oh God, I am textbook aren't I?!!! Doh!!

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