W4R2 ... Did I do the right thing?

Done my week 4 run 2, with how humid it is outside, pleased I got it done this morning rather than tonight in the heat, that's due. Didn't do as far this morning as on R1 but did slow it right down and kept away from the long slow hill back home. Cheating in a way but glad as felt more able to cope rather than pushing until I was gasping and having to stop to get my breath back, by the end I was glad to finish as I was ready for the end, even saying my god out loud towards the end of the last run as was feeling it, I defiantly didn't have another run in me.

So my question is, do you push yourself to the point of can't go on anymore or just enough so's you complete it but feel pooped, or take it easy so it's done and you have some left in the tank?

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  • First run out on a new week I always took it really really slow so I knew I could do it. In the third attempt I would push myself hard, that was my way of knowing I was ready to move on. I would say slow is best to avoid injury. This is not a race and you are learning so be gentle on your body. Happy Running. 😀

  • Are you doing couch to 5k?

  • Did you mean to reply to me ? I graduated C25K a few weeks ago.

  • Ignore me Old Possum. I didn't scroll up far enough to read the first line 😕 😊

  • Good question wkdjojo..😊

    You are definately not cheating by avoiding a long hill..

    Also taking it slowly is good practise.. as your runs lengthen this will be the thing to do. If you have anything left near the end of a run, you could put in an extra spurt for the last min.

    As long as each run is completed successfully three times you can move on. Don't worry about needing to feel like you have nothing left to give...

    One run at a time.😊

    (😉knowing nod...)

  • Some days I'm Usain Bolt, some days I'm Worzel Gummidge - but as long as I feel like I have done a 'good' run to the best of my ability I feel like a winner ;)

  • In the early weeks, I would take the runs really slowly and then on the last run of the session, when Laura said I could walk, I'd carry on a bit further at a faster pace. It gave me the confidence to know I could do more for the next run, but also it was nice to enjoy running faster without worrying if I'd have enough left in the tank to complete the run. I find that for me, stamina is mainly mental!

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