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Week 3 Run 1, this is deffinately my favourite week

I never managed to get past week 4 but I deffinitely found week 3 the easiest because it's the same amount of running as week 2 but less walking so it really flys in. So I better enjoy it while it lasts because week 4 is where it's starts to get interesting.

Also the scenery was fantastic out on my jog this evening. The sun had just about set and the sky was red on one side and a fairly large crescent moon hung in the other. It was a clear sky apart from a few patterned clouds the air was crisp and I didnt feel the bitter chill after I had warmed up from the jogging. Ok so let's not turn this into bad poetry. The beauty of this jog was ruined by the stitch that ripped through my stomach the entire time, which was strange because I hadn't ate anything at least two hours before.

On another note, my diet is faultering, which is to be expected untill I get settled back in at uni. But I'm hoping the fitness regime (I've been doing an exercise dvd as well) will balance it out, I feel slimmer, whether if I look it or not.

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Well done, Jodie92, keep going, you'll feel great when you get back to, healthy, slim and ready to take on all the challenges ahead! My daughter started running at uni and it really helped her stay focussed! :-)


I read somewhere that drinking water will help prevent stitches. Wishing you well in week 4, you can do it!!!!


I'll keep that in mind because I suffer them a lot and I definitely don't get enough water in my diet thank you!


I drink lots of liquid my run days and thankfully, I have never had a stitch. I'm starting week 8. I think fluids will also help your energy level.


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