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Week 1 completed

I completed week 1 today after work today. I had a really busy day today and felt tired going out and some of the runs were quite tough and I was wondering if I am crazy trying to do this but after I finished my last run and Laura said "give yourself a pat on the back" I felt an immediate buzz and really enjoyed the cool down walk. It was a lovely day and the music seemed to go well with my surroundings and my mood, I'd been wondering if there was a way to play my own music and still do the app but I'm actually enjoying the tunes as it's not songs I am familiar with and they help me with my pace. Week 2 starts on Monday but I'm considering doing one more week one session possibly late tomorrow so that I am not going 2 days without it, Sunday is going to be my total rest day.

I hope that all the other week oners are feeling good, I wonder what's ahead?

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WELCOME! You will love it here and you will love the program! :-)


Well done on completing week 1, sounds as though you are really up for the challenge of C25k! I agree with you about the music, it is often uplifting although some of it is better than other parts. However, most of it seems to have a good beat to it which keeps you going through the pain barrier! It is tempting to try to push through the runs without always taking the rest day but be careful you're not doing too much, too soon and end up with a niggly injury which puts you out for a time. That could be very frustrating! Best of luck for the rest of the programme, look forward to reading about your progress.


Thank you! I decided against doing the extra session, thought it would be better to follow the guidance and just do the 3 in a week, no point in pushing it. I am dreading moving onto the next stage but am determined so I will do it. Support on here will really help :)


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