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W6 R1 - Definitely harder but why?

I was very worried about this run and week 6 in general. So I listened to the podcast last night in preparation for this morning and what struck me most was that the music seemed a little more upbeat shall we say. Maybe this is all in my mind but when I started running this morning I really struggled to keep my pace slow and steady. Half way through the 8 minute run I had gone a lot further than I thought I would so knew the back half of the podcast was going to be hard graft. Actually the last minute of the 8 was pretty tough and I was struggling to get enough air in. The final 5 was ok and I managed to carry on for an extra minute. So I did it and ran faster than I did on W5 R3. Including the walks I covered 4.9k this morning and my pace was clearly all over the place. I guess what I've developed now is some stamina and fitness to be able to pull through.

So plus points! I did it, and my left calf which has really been giving me grief since the middle of week 3, finally behaved this morning and my legs felt the best they ever have. (I think I've had a trapped nerve and the muscles ache in compensation for it). Long may that continue!! Only one more interval session left then onto the biggies. Really looking forward to those as you can get lost in a steady rhythm and it's so much easier to pace yourself!!!

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Well done and great news on the calf. I found that run the hardest of week 6, the 2nd one was easier for me, somehow. I was worried about run 3, but trusted 'Laura' and it felt fantastic when I did it.

I haven't been pacing to the music at all, it doesn't seem to fit my natural rhythm, but I know what you mean, it certainly was more up beat. There have been a couple of songs that just 'work' for me, but mostly I just get lost in my own thoughts. It's the one thing I will enjoy when I've finished the series, building my own running playlist, although I suspect I'll just move on to the next podcast series.

good luck with the next one, you can do it!


Thanks vixiej and I do feel like that's one of the biggest hurdles over with. I'm hoping R2 is easier to pace and I'll get through to R3 without too many problems.


Well done Fraz, I was starting to worry about you since I hadn't seen your blog. My bad, I was just not looking hard enough. I'm glad the calf isn't playing up any more, all good.


Well done Fraz!!! Week 6 was the tough one for me too. Run #3 was better though... Glad the calf is feeling better and looking forward to seeing you in week 7!!!! :-)


Well done! Just completed W6R3 myself on Friday and ran 3.75km in the 25 mins. Found that run not to tough but the previous two did feel tougher than the W5R3 20 min run!


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