Starting off

Just finished week 1 day 2. I've never been keen on running so want to keep the fact I am doing this as quiet as possible, maybe in case I fail. That's a negative attitude, I need to be positive!

I picked a place I thought would be good for my first day but it wasn't suitable and I ended up just going round and round a football pitch which was not very inspiring. Today I went round a woodland park which was lovely although hillier than I expected...I was pretty out of breath even for running just 1 minute at a time. Also got soaking wet but I did it and felt such a buzz. Even got some smiles from other people out running, my face was probably the colour of someone who had run a marathon, not a minute but I have started and that's the main thing :-)


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  • Keep going.. I have had days when i thought about trying a new route and forgotten hills etc.. but after 25 yrs of no exercise i'm now W6R3 on Friday.. if i can do it anyone can!! Enjoy,take your time and don't beat yourself up over little things.

  • well done and keep going. I love running in the rain. it brings the big kid out in me. It is surprising how quickly the time will pass and you will become a runner officially. beforer youknowit youwillbe on week9

  • Thanks to you both, I think I will need encouragement. It's great to hear of others who are going through it or who have completed the programme, you inspire me!

  • Well done on staying with it, I know that sounds slightly Lauraesk but it does work so don't worry about how out you look to others, you're not doing it for them :)

  • Well done on starting the programme.

    I, too, enjoy running in the woods, despite tripping over a tree root (or maybe my own feet) on week 2. As I said there nursing my cut knee, my second thought (after, "Ouch! That hurt") was that I had to get up and run as Laura hadn't said I coudl stop!

    Anyway a few weeks later and I've completed the programme and am now tackling the big forest on my doorstep, which involved a long, gradual incline from my house and it tough!

    Enjoy your running.

  • I'm just starting out too and still trying to find different runs. I figure if I switch it up it'll keep things interesting! Good luck and enjoy!

  • You've done the toughest bit by getting off the couch. You'll be graduating before you know it. Well done.

  • Good point about the pitch. I'm only 2 runs ahead of you and had begun to realise we arent going to be able to keep using the park for much longer as we loose the light, so had thought about using the local football pitch instead - but I'll have a rethink now.

    Oh and weel done for getting started!

  • I also kept quiet about what I was doing initially but am now in week 4 and feel more confident I can do it so have told a few friends. I live in an area that has undulating tracks.a couple of times when I had to run uphill very slightly i have reduced the time by 10 seconds....they are really mild slopes but significant enough for someone like me starting out running after 35 years of feeling I was not a runner. All the best!

  • I'm getting my kit ready to take to work tomorrow so I can go out straight away, if I come home first I might just stick to the couch and that won't be good. It's great to get supporting messages from you all, maybe I can just do this :-)

  • I can totally relate to you. I only told my immediate family and a close friend. I managed to complete week 1 but just as I was starting my cool down I got intense pain in my calf muscle and limped home, totally gutted. That was 3 weeks ago and I am going to start the programme from start again at the weekend. Fingers crossed I get further than week 1 this time. Like you, I got such a buzz and the feeling of achievement after a run was amazing. Good luck and yes, you CAN do this!!

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