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After the last attempt I just wanted to get round. I have been out to Kent today and was pretty stiff when I got back, so left it for a while before getting my gear on. I dug out my old knee support, I don't think I really needed it but put it on as a just in case measure. I wanted about a 7 minute pace and the first KM ping up at 6:58 which was about spot on. I kept to about that all the way, started to puff a bit towards the end but not too much drama. That's it then graduation and Brexit on the same day, at least I won't be able to forget the date.

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  • Well done, fella. :)

  • Huge congratulations. πŸŽ†πŸŽ‰πŸ†πŸ‘πŸ™ŒπŸƒ

  • Yaay!! Well done.

  • Congratulations :)

    Badge already! Looks lovely :)

  • Yay ! Well done Plop !

    Many Congratulations to you on your Graduation ! :-) xxx

  • Congratulations, time to celebrate.πŸŽ‰πŸ‘β˜Ί

  • Well done, great feeling and you need to think about what's next :)

  • Congratulations

  • Massive congrats!!! :)

  • Hey - look at the wonderful 'graduate' badge - you deserved it! What a pace as well!

  • Thanks for all the kind words and the support over the last few months, I don't think I could have stayed the course with out this forum. I have my first run with other people (I won't call it a race, as I'm going to just try stay at my pace), on Sunday. I'm hoping for 35 minutes for the 5k but that depends on the terrain

  • Love the shiny new badge-well done, and amazing pace too for a "just wanted to get round" kinda run! Good luck in your first race :)

  • That's just my natural pace, I guess being tall I have a long stride.

  • Oh my! Graduate eh? Well done you! x

  • Congratulations plop! I hope you are feeling proud of yourself!

  • Congratulations Plop, a great achievement :)

  • Congratulations and you're right, no way you can forget your runiversary :)

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