Help with where to go next!!!!

Hi all

My running history so far, I have finished the c25k program a few days ago, I still havnt quite done the 5k I ran 4.88 so nearly there, im very slow at running and find it hard not to breath really really heavy, I need another goal but i dont know where the next step should me, I really want to get faster and more fluent with my running. I will keep runnin until I actually do the 5k though. Any ideas!!!!!!

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  • Sounds like you need Couch to 5k+ littlejan. Check it out at

  • Yes I have those podcasts but I dont actually know which one is the best for ME.!

  • I will be in the same position in the next few weeks, so looking forward to reading the comments. Congratulations graduate!!!!!!! :-) :-)

  • The 5k+ podcasts are very good. I tried stepping stones first because it sounded easier- hah! I find I actually prefer speed which has you running at a beat so why not try that? It isn't very long and, although I can't manage 5k during the length of the podcast, I keep running when it's done and that feels really good. Well done on graduating :)

  • Thank you for that, yes I may try that but hope its not too difficult, esp if I dont feel I could run any faster than my slow pace.

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