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Where to go from here!!!

Set out this morning to do the loop that landed me my Tuesday 10k, and like Tuesday I got stopped at the level crossing. Fortunately, it was only 1 train this time and the train was only a short distance away as I approached the crossing. I took this opportunity (as there were no cars waiting to cross) to adopt the 118 118 jogging on the spot training but have never felt so ridiculous :D . I quickly abandoned the plan, sheepishly looked around to see if I had been spotted only to see a fellow runner approach the crossing some 200m or so behind. :O

Not sure if he spotted me but the barriers lifted and I decided to up the pace to get away from him. This resulted in me tiring myself out a bit quicker than I would have liked but I managed to finish the loop and get away from my running comrade (I think he took a different route rather than me leaving him choking on my dust :-) )

Anyhoo, runkeeper said 9.2k so decided to go a little further to complete the 10 as I was so close.

I proved to myself that Tuesday wasn't a fluke but wonder what my next step shoul be? I can't see myself training towards a HM as I don't think I can really dedicate the time to it that would be required and to be honest, I am not quite sure that I would be capable of the distance!!!

Decisions, decisions, decisions.

Have a good weekend folks and enjoy, whatever your plans :-)

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Another good run by the sound of it. Loved the mental image of you impersonating the 118 118 character :)


I dont recommend it Paul :D

Is it grad week for you this week?


Lol. I'll take your word for it :) Yes, grad week for me, hopefully graduating tomorrow :)


Good luck


Thanks :)


Ha ha! I remember saying that....

"I can't see me training for a HM" for the same reasons you gave. Now I'm considering signing up for my second one!

Enjoy your running for the time being without pushing to any new targets, think about where you want to go. If not HM then there do seem to be lots of 10k races around. Or just run for the pleasure of it.


Thanks Beads. I think I will take your advice. Going from the couch to 10k in 12 weeks has been fun, but hard work. Consolidation is the key here I think.

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Ooo well done! 2 x 10k so obviously not a fluke. What to do next? Well you could consolidate your achievements so far and maybe work on speed a little bit. Do some races and just (just!) enjoy being a 10k runner? Fantastic achievement, feel proud, feel very very proud indeed :)


Thanks AM. I tend to do a shorter speedier run in my weekly training (although I missed it this week). I am proud of myself. Its been hard but so worthwhile. Consolidation is my watch word for the summer. See if I can get my time down to around the 51 minute mark (and dreams of sub 50 :-) )


You sound a lot like me, not being able to conceive of finding time to train for an HM. I do two 5ks during the week, but really look forward to my longer run on Saturday. This can be anything up to 10 miles, but I really like the convenience of 10k as a distance and it doesn't take too long and leaves me with enough time and energy to do other things afterwards.

If consolidation of your 10k is your prime objective, don't do all your runs chasing a PB. Have a look at this for different pace times Useful information but not necessarily easy to implement.

Keep running, keep smiling.


Thanks. I think I might do similar and see where I end up.

Not sure thats the link you meant to post although it is a handy one right enough


No, this was the one I meant to send.


Interesting reading. I may look into that. Thanks for the info


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