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Help with post graduation running

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Graduated today but I am nowhere near running 5K in 30 minutes (in my week 9 runs I did around 3.5K). I am going to keep running 30 mins 3 times a week for the next few weeks to consolidate. I have read about the 10% rule but I'm a novice and don't really understand. Is it to increase 10% in time or distance and is this spread out over the weeks running or each run? I previously had a partial achilles rupture so need to take it easy but also need some goals to keep me motivated. Any pointers or advice from more seasoned runners would be greatly appreciated!!

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First of all, congratulations on your graduation! Lots of good info in the following post about post-graduate running, including a good explanation of the 10% rule. I used this for 3 weeks post-grad and got up to 6k. Now it's time to do the 10k plan.

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Well done in graduating, congratulations

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Huge well done you..time to celebrate... :) After that check out the link that telford_mike has linked... lots of useful advice there.

Lots of building up of the legs and stamina and strength goes on:) Different routes... distances and times... short, longer, slow and steady..then think about where next?

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Well done! I wanted to speed up after graduating so I did some normal 5k runs and mixed in some shorter interval training runs using the nhs choices Speed podcasts by Laura. These are shorter runs time wise but still a hard workout because of the changes in pace. Would recommend this podcast plus stepping stones and Stamina all in the same post c25k set. Good luck!

The post linked to above includes a link to a post explaining the 10% rule. It is only a guide, but is used to safely limit your increase in training load on a weekly basis.

Congratulations on your graduation.

Congratulations on your graduation. The thing is we're spoiled for choice afterwards and that can be tricky for some graduates.

Consolidation is good. You can keep going and just relish in the running and enjoy exploring. I did that for a year before I even wanted to run further! Loved every minute of it.

Many people go on to longer distances but you could focus on speed, hills, trails, join a running club, run to the shops, cycle and swim and do a triathlon, enter a race, do parkrun. The choice is yours.

Whatever you do, make sure it's something you want to do and you don't feel pressurised by others. It's your running story and yours alone. But you have a blank sheet. Whoop whoop, how exciting is that 🤗

Btw, on the 10% rule, some people need to do less (like me!) like 5% to avoid injury. With your previous injury this might suit you better. You'll soon find out your limits and what your body is happy with.

Enjoy 😄

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Thanks for all the advice and support guys. Think I will take your advice Irishprincess and nit push myself too hard. I need to remember where I was a year ago and just be grateful I can run at all and the last thing I want is to have another serious injury I don't think I could handle it!!

Congratulations on your graduation. Don't worry about 5K, it's only a number. All you need for health and fitness is 30 minutes of moderate exercise 3 times a week. I graduated last month and have kept up my 3 days a week (5 minutes warm-up walk, 30 minutes running, 5 minutes warm-down walk. Some days I cover 5K, some days I don't. I tend to find I slow down quite a bit in the heat, and if it's cold I usually go too fast to start and end up having to slow down at the end. Enjoy your runs for the sake of it, the 5K will come in time.

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Congratulations on your graduation, be very proud of yourself. I am on target to graduate tomorrow and as yet have only done about 3.7k in the 30 minute run but it is 3,7k more than I ever thought possible 9 weeks ago. Enjoy your running over the next few weeks, I’m sure we will both get to that magic number of 5k 👍👍

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