W1 R1 - Thank you to all the lovely people who have helped me start my first run!

I'm not sure I would have done it if the lovely people on this forum hadn't responded so quickly and in great numbers since I joined only last week. How lovely to feel so supported from the off. thank you thank you!

ooooo - I wish I could say I enjoyed that but I did not! Some people might have called it a failure the fact that I finished the last 3 runs in the hallway, kitchen and up and down the stairs! (sorry next door for the noisy plodding). At least I did them all.

Maybe it's the time of the month, who knows but I felt really emotional listening to the first track "this is the greatest day". I had a big lump in my throat and a ball in my stomach which totally ruled out sensible breathing!lol. I felt heavy running and when I finished my shoulders were so tense and achey, I imagine it will go and it's all probably the tension.

It was harder than I thought, which is a little disappointing but lets just see what happens next time. I did get nervous which is why I came in the house. But I'm certainly not giving up... yet!


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9 Replies

  • Great job! My shoulders ached also for the first week or so. Easier said then done, but try to relax a bit. I think most of us start out disappointed to some degree. How difficult can running 1 minute be? I know for me, it was a serious reality check! Keep moving, you did the first run which is always one of the biggest challenges mentally. Looking forward to reading about your next run!!! :-)

  • Yay! We knew you could do it! Whether you do it in your house, up and down the stairs, in the gym or out in the countryside, it doesn't matter, you did it! Pat on the back for you! It will get easier! Promise!

  • Well done, for taking a deep breath and starting C25k AND doing your first run. Know what you mean about 'The Greatest Day'. it's so uplifting to start with that song, really makes you step out confidently. I think the W1 runs are really hard, but hey, you did it and have begun your C25k journey. We're all here to help, support, giggle (with you) and cheer you along the way, so stay in touch!

  • Well done for doing the hardest one. You left the couch and started the journey. I know in my 1st few runs I clenched my hands into fist which made me really tense. Someone told me to try and relax my hands, keep my hands at elbow height and use my elbows to jab the gremlin behind me. It took a few runs to practice but it really helps with the shoulder stress. I also get a great feeling of smugness when I elbow my gremlins in the face.

  • hahaha!@ AnnaDJ - it's really nice to know that I am not the only one suffering/suffered being tense! Your comment made me smile and it's a great metaphor for chosing to ignore the negative thoughts. Thanks! I will be following this advice.

    I hope it will be eaiser next time, less emotional and no lump in throat blocking my airways! I feel more positive about it and it is nice to hear it will get easier. thanks guys :)

  • Well done! I found the 1st run the very hardest to do and I ached the most afterwards. I've just completed week 2 and I found it much easier. Keep at it!

  • Well done mundomagic on your first run. I remember being elated after mine but that was more due to the fact that I'd actually gotten off the couch and done something rather than the running which I found really hard to begin with. It does get easier as you gain strength and your confidence will grow. Just stick with the programme and you'll surprise yourself as we all have with what we can actually achieve doing this!! It's life changing - pure and simple and you've taken the first, biggest and most important step of the journey - making a start! :)

  • Well done on your first run. I have to remind myself every run to relax my hands as I also clench my fists. I've just finished week 4 and started on week 5... I've really managed to surprise myself. Keep on chatting, it does work really, really well, everyone is so nice here :)

  • WELL DONE. You have done the hardest bit, doing that first run. It will get easier from here on in as you become more used to it. Good luck with r2!

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