1 year. 100 runs. 5k. 34m 47s. So happy!

I did it! It's one year to the day since I did my very first Week 1 Run 1 and nearly keeled over in the gutter. But today it felt okay - not great, but I don't think I'll ever actually enjoy the physical act of running for itself. But oh, the sense of achievement and that runner's high afterwards - it's a hard feeling to beat :)

Thank you to all of you who've cheered me on through injury, desperation, depression and confusion. Here's to the next year - and beyond! This is a fantastic, supportive group of lovely people, and I hope wherever you are, whatever you're doing, that your next run is a great one. Happy running :)

Annie xxx


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40 Replies

  • So you made it after all! Congratulations on a marvellous achievement and great determination. :-) What's the next challenge?

  • Thank you :) I'm signed up for a Race for Life in July, so before then I want to be able to do a comfortable 5k (ha!) and I'll venture out to a Parkrun. Tonight, though, a large glass of wine :D

  • Well done Annie and keep on running! xox

  • Thanks, Delia :)

  • Congratulations, very well done. That's a great time for 5k.

    I started on 2nd April last year so just a week ahead of you. Like you this fantastic forum has kept me going thru' all the highs & lows. Very best wishes for your next year of running :)

  • Thanks, jennie - I hadn't realised you were only a week ahead of me! All the best to you also for your next year of running :)

  • Well done Annie, many congratulations, what a difference a year makes eh!?! I never doubted you would not complete your 100th run. You had faith in the programme but more importantly you had faith in yourself. :)

  • Thanks, oldgirl - what a difference indeed! Like many others on this forum, I now fret if I can't get out for a run :D

  • Congratulations Annie - glad you were able to do the 100 on THE day.

  • Thanks, Annie - it felt great :)

  • :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) A smilie for every 10 runs! WHOOT-WHOOT!!!! :-) Annie, you rocked it!!!!! Enjoy that BOTTLE of wine, its much deserved! Gayle giving you a high-five from USA!!!! :-)

  • Yay, you always make me smile, Gayle :) Thank you for all the smilies, I love 'em! I will raise a glass to each and everyone of my c25k friends this evening :)

  • A glass??? Box wine is very popular here in the States...hic*hic* ;-) I was so excited to see the 100th run, I just noticed your time! FANTASTIC!!!!!!! :-)

  • Yes, but if I raise a glass to each and every one of you... :D I was quite pleased with my time too :)

  • That us a lovely blog to read. I hope I am like you in a year from now! X

  • You will be! Follow the programme and you will be a graduate very soon. It took me a long time to get there (50 runs not 27) and if you look at my average it's only running twice a week, but if I can do it, anyone can! Good luck, and let us know how you're getting on :)

  • I am so happy for you Annie that you managed to get out today and achieve a very magic milestone!! :) Happy running anniversary!! Super run and super time too!

    You enjoy that wine tonight; you have well and truely worked hard for it!! ;)

    Sue x

  • Thanks, Sue! The comments on here mean as much as the achievement itself :) I'll toast all my lovely c25k friends tonight :)

    Annie x

  • I'll drink to that Annie. Hope the police don't decide to breathalyse runners in the morning!!

    It would go something like this:-

    Officers questions

    Name - Oldgirl

    Address - Healthunlocked officer

    Occupation - Slow runner officer

    Qualification - C25K Graduate nice officer

    Blow in the tube runner - I can't officer I'm almost at the end of my 5K and I'm all out of puff!!

    Well in that case I have no option but to send you on your way, and my advise to you would be don't drink too much the night before a run :)

  • Ha ha, funny Oldgirl - mine might include 'I can't stop now, officer, I'm going for my personal 5k record' :D Fortunately I don't need to go out tomorrow morning, so all will be well :)

  • Congratulations!!! :-D :-D :-D

    What a fantastic achievement, and an great time for 5K too!! :-D

    Enjoy the wine (champagne?) and the rest! Then here's hoping you'll enjoy many many more great runs!! :-)

  • Thank you - I'm so happy :) Oooh, champagne, there's a thought! And thanks for the good wishes for many more great runs - same to you too :)

  • Thank you! :-)

  • Sorry - messed up the reply feature. It's 'cos I'm dizzy with excitement (or champagne :D)

  • Well done Annie! Really pleased you managed to get to your 100th run ok, on the day. :) Very good time too! Hope you don't have too big a headache tomorrow!

  • hic :D Thanks, greenlegs - I think all the support on here gave me wings :)

  • Happy Anniversary and congratulations Annie! Just look how many fellow graduates are here with you still :) This is a little thank you from me, a relative newcomer, for all the support you've given those of starting recently. You are so right ... this is an amazing place - made so by the likes of people like you. Keep on running ... May the roads stay flat and the weather sunny for you always. Cheers, Linda :D xx

  • Thank you Linda - I'm wiping a little tear from my eye right now :) I love that - 'may the roads stay flat' - wonderful :) :) :)

    Annie xx

  • Congratulations on a year of running and 100 runs. Here's to the next 100! :-)

  • Thanks, swanscot - I wonder if I can do the next 100 in under a year? :D

  • Congratulations! What an achievement and what a journey! Enjoy your celebration, it's very well deserved :)

  • Thanks, rollertoaster, it does indeed feel like I have achieved something :) Here's to all of us on this journey - cheers!

  • Nice one Annie ! Here's to the next hundred runs.....Cheers ! ;-)

  • Thank you! (hic!) :D

  • Congratulations Annie! A big high five from me and enjoy that wine - I'll be raising a glass to you on Friday!

  • Thank you, Khrissy! I look forward to hearing from you on Friday :)

  • Congratulations Annie! You had a fab anniversary run - well done. Here's to the next year!

  • Thanks, Kat! It was great to achieve such a milestone - to think that I have stuck to something for a whole year is fab! :)

  • definitely blog of the week.....you so deserve a medal. well done you and thank you for being an inspiration

  • Thank you! It feels a bit Oscar-speech-ish, but I really truly couldn't have done it without all the support on this forum. All the best with your running :)

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